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Summary of nslookup command and its accompanying DNS noun explanation

read the basic requirements of this article:1. The use of the cmd command has a certain basis2. The basic principles of DNS and common concepts have a certain understanding, such as host, alias, forward lookup zone, reverse lookup zone, and so on.3.

Windows server R2 domain control server runs nslookup command default server display UnKnown

First, the question:The Domain Control Server DOS window runs the nslookup command prompt as follows:Second, reason analysis:The main reason is that the DNS server for the domain control server does not have a reverse lookup zone set, and the

The steps of IP reverse resolution (PTR record) analysis _win server

Spam in the flood of today, spam to our lives, work, learning has brought great harm. Because of the lack of effective authentication mechanism between SMTP servers, even if the use of spam identification blocking technology is still common, and the

Passive information collection 1--dns base + DNS Resolution tool nslookup use

Passive Information collectionFeatures:Based on open channelNo direct contact with the targetAvoid leaving all traces.Standard Reference--osint:U.S. militaryNorth Atlantic Treaty Organization noun explanationdns--domain Name System domain Name

Netstat command introduction

Netstat Command Overview:Netstat is a very useful tool for monitoring TCP/IP networks, which can display routing tables, actual TCP network connections, TCP and UDP snooping, process memory management, and status information for each network

Domain name/IP anti-resolution

Today, with the proliferation of spam, spam has brought great harm to our life, work, and study. Due to the lack of an effective sending authentication mechanism between SMTP servers, even if spam recognition blocking technology is adopted, in

Configuration process for DNS reverse address resolution

In the day-to-day IT operations, we often need to query the IP address of the corresponding host name, as well as anti-spam often use the Reverse address query function. DNS itself can also be used to complete the reverse resolution of the address

MX records, a records, and reverse resolution for EDM emails

Zheng Yi 20110330 Background: What is MXRecord? Used by the email system to locate the email server based on the recipient's address suffix when sending an email. For example, when the recipient is a, the system will parse

View host DNS servers

1. Nslookup (name server lookup): a tool used to query Internet domain name information or diagnose DNS server problems. Nslookup can specify the query type. You can check the DNS record survival time and specify the DNS server to be used for

linux[Basic]-33-[dns Server]-[forward and reverse Domain name resolution]-[01]

Dns_bind_ forward and reverse domain name resolutionBind Service supports TSIG Secure encryption transfer mechanismDNS domain name resolution service for resolving domain name and IP address correspondence Serviceforward parsing: Based on the domain

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