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Samsung d908 uploads and installs Java software/games with a USB cable (attached to anyview/Moto-TXT download)

Download the following four software. For installation instructions, refer to the following tutorial. (1)D908 driver Samsung PC Studio 3(61.0 MB). The link is invalid. Find it online!(2) softtick PPP (3) Samsung XXXX Java Uploader Chinese edition (4) jadwizard 1.0 (drag the jar to it without a JAD file) If the downloaded Java game only contains a single. jar file, download the Jad generator and drag the. j

Player guide: Samsung data cable full model, select data cable is mandatory

system line 2017113bse/C and 2017113bde/C: D508-E738-E628-E530 (e568)-E348-E358-D608-X668-E888-X808-X708 Note: The first three types of products are available in Dongsheng district! (And most commonly used) however, when 133lbe/C is original, there is no Dongsheng. This is changed by using the original line 2017093lbe/C, which can be the same as when 133lbe/C is passed through the picture and brushed machine (the difference is that it is not like plug in or unplug the phone, the phone will rin

What should I do if the Samsung printer driver is installed and cannot be printed?

Samsung printer driver installed Well can't print problem we can analyze the problem from three methods, such as interface connection problem, two printer status and the printer itself some assembly or parameter configuration problem, below to see. Check whether the USB

Common printer connection methods and cable Introduction

Printers are an indispensable office equipment for every company, and some families also buy printers, but how do they connect when they buy a printer? The printer interface also refers to the type of interface that is used between the printer and the computer, and the main interface types of the printer products curre

Printer interface and data cable supporting use instructions

Printer interface also refers to the interface between the printer and the computer type, the current market on the main interface types of printer products include common parallel interface, professional serial port, as well as the mainstream of the USB interface and not very common network port. Description: Bar cod

Android Technology home: Homemade USB OTG Data cable

heat shrinkable tubingHeating tightening heat shrinkable tubingActual useIf you are using a Samsung Galaxy S3, you can connect the USB drive directly via the USB OTG data cable, and you will find a new folder in your phone's explorer called USB storage, which can see all th

How does Samsung black and white laser printer SL-M2029 install local printer driver?

If you need to install a local printer driver, follow these steps: 1. Connect the computer and printer with a USB cable, then insert the printer drive CD into the CD-ROM drive to install the printer driver (if there is no

Samsung printers cannot be printed, and the system prompts "unrecognized USB device" solution

with your All-in-one USB port or USB cable. We recommend that you replace a USB cable connection attempt. Third, disable the USB enhancement controller 1. Please disconnect the USB

Do not drive, simple rough with Raspberry Pi drive USB printer

do not drive, simple rough with Raspberry Pi drive USB printerAdmin April 14, 2015 5 Comments Many articles on the web are how to use raspberry sent to do a universal print server, but in many scenarios, the configuration cups what is really their own zuo of the good way to die, all kinds of Linux under the driver configuration to make blood vomit. and drive a variety of thermal ticket printers, such as playing tape ah, two-dimensional code stickers

Playing bar code printing from DOS to USB printer port

The barcode is ready, and the zebra 888-tt printer sent by the hardware manufacturer is also sent to the serial port printing line, but there is no printer interface on the Jeet t60. Fortunately, the 888-tt printer supports USB ports, find a USB

Samsung printers install local printer drivers

1. Connect the computer and printer with a USB cable, then go to the official download drive or insert the drive disc into your optical drive, if you do not have an optical drive, you can download the driver online. 2. Let's insert the CD as an example, the disc insert will eject "install", and then click "OK". 3. The following will enter the ins

Samsung printer SCX-4821HN how to achieve watermark printing?

Use the Watermark option to print text on top of existing documents, such as drafts or advanced secrets. To set this feature, follow these steps: 1. Connect the computer and printer with the data cable and install the printer driver. 2. After the driver installation, click on the lower left corner of the computer "Start" menu item, find "Equipment and pri

How does Samsung printer SL-M2671FH use scan function?

To use the Machine Scan feature, follow these steps:1. Connect the computer and printer with USB cable, then insert the printer drive CD into the computer CD-ROM drive, according to the prompts for the default software and driver installation (such as no printer drive CD, sc

How does Samsung Galaxy Alpha activate developer options? GALAXY ALPHA USB Debugging Open method

1. This handset turns on the USB debugging and the Samsung S5 is same, clicks the desktop "the application". 2. Then we find inside the "Set" button click on it to open. 3. Click on "About the device" to open it. 4. After clicking the "build Number" 7 times, the "developer mode is enabled" will be prompted. 5. Click on the " All right, Switzerland. We wi

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