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Build the Eclipse project of tucany SDO

The project structure of Tuscany is troublesome. We are not very comfortable with Eclipse, but it is still relatively simple. The method is as follows: 1) download the following: * JDK 5.0 + (j2se 1.5.0 +)* Apache Maven (2.0.4 +)* Subversion (1.2 +)

Break down the jar required by the SDO sub-project

To run each part separately in eclipse, SDO is divided into five independent projects. 1. SDO-interfaces defined in API specifications, independent of other jar packages 2. SDO-impl implementation, dependent on the jar package (12 in total) The 10

Using the SDO Dynamic Data APIs in Web services

Service data Objects (SDO) 2.0 architecture and APIs provide unified access to data across different data sources, packaged in the IBM websphere®application Server Version 6.1 Feature Pack For the Alpha version of the SOA. This article describes the

Use PHP to develop SCA and SDO

Initiated by an open service-oriented architecture joint organization (OSOA), component-Oriented Architecture (SCA) and service data object (SDO) have become the latest method for developing a service-oriented architecture. At the beginning, these

Vendor-driven SCA and SDO specification Enhanced SOA technical Cooperation _php Tutorial

To better drive the development of SOA, several leading technology vendors, such as Bea, who are collaborating to create service component architectures (SCA) and Service data Object (SDO) specifications, have released several important results,

Vendors integrate SCA and SDO specifications to enhance SOA technical cooperation

 To better promote the development of SOA, BEA and other leading technical vendors that are working together to create service component architecture (SCA) and service data object (SDO) specifications have released several important achievements,

Analysis of the Relationship between Microsoft service layer guidelines and osoa architecture (SCA, SDO, etc.) (non-original)

Analyze the correspondence between the Microsoft mode and the service layer guidelines of the practice team and the osoa architecture system (SCA, SDO, etc. Note: This document assumes that you are familiar with some important concepts of SOA,

Summary kinds of technology

What is the difference between soap and CORBA, COM/DCOM?When soap was just proposed, many people raised the question: What is the difference between soap and CORBA and DCOM? The Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA) is a standard

Introduction to Service Data Objects

Simply put, SDO is a data application development framework that includes an architecture and corresponding APIs. SDO enables the following actions: Simplifies the Java EE Data programming model. Abstract data in a service-oriented architecture

Introduction to the SCA/SDO standard system of SOA

The Open CSA organization facilitates the creation and adoption of the Service Component Architecture (SCA) and Service data Object (SDO) specification series. Service Component Architecture (SCA) Service Component Architecture (SCA) is a set of

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