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Using the SDO Dynamic Data APIs in Web services

Service data Objects (SDO) 2.0 architecture and APIs provide unified access to data across different data sources, packaged in the IBM websphere®application Server Version 6.1 Feature Pack For the Alpha version of the SOA. This article describes the

Vendor-driven SCA and SDO specification Enhanced SOA technical Cooperation _php Tutorial

To better drive the development of SOA, several leading technology vendors, such as Bea, who are collaborating to create service component architectures (SCA) and Service data Object (SDO) specifications, have released several important results,

Vendors integrate SCA and SDO specifications to enhance SOA technical cooperation

 To better promote the development of SOA, BEA and other leading technical vendors that are working together to create service component architecture (SCA) and service data object (SDO) specifications have released several important achievements,

Summary kinds of technology

What is the difference between soap and CORBA, COM/DCOM?When soap was just proposed, many people raised the question: What is the difference between soap and CORBA and DCOM? The Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA) is a standard

Introduction to the SCA/SDO standard system of SOA

The Open CSA organization facilitates the creation and adoption of the Service Component Architecture (SCA) and Service data Object (SDO) specification series. Service Component Architecture (SCA) Service Component Architecture (SCA) is a set of

Next-generation J2EE programming model: SDO

Part of the next-generation J2EE programming model jointly launched by IBM and Bea (the other part of the model is not open to public standards, we will wait and see). It is indeed very flexible and powerful. Fully dynamic structure, but with its

The past and future generations of soa bpel esb: -- Author: Lu Jianwei

Past and future generations of SOA BPEL ESB I am not selling middleware, so I do not have to advocate the concept and principle of SOA.I am not preparing to write an SOA book, so I don't have to chew on it when I write my blog. This article involves

SOA Anxiety Disorder

Gartner presented the SOA concept in 1996. Gartner has also presented two well-known concepts: ERP, enterprise resource planning. To organize enterprises ' people, wealth, goods and information in the perspective of enterprise resources. This

JPA: good and bad? FAQs

Q: How does the EJB expert team get rid of the transaction descriptor? A: In the Session Bean and message-driven bean, the transaction behavior can be controlled through descriptors and annotations. In addition, we change the default transaction

Basic concepts and design principles of SOA

 SOA is the abbreviation for the English word "service oriented Architecture", in which there are many translations, such as "service-oriented Architecture", "service-centric architecture" and "service-oriented Architecture", where "service-oriented

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