session fixation error

Want to know session fixation error? we have a huge selection of session fixation error information on

Web security Seventh--the end of the test logical thinking: A large summary of logical vulnerabilities (ultra vires, Session logic, business logic, brute force)

0. PrefaceIt's been a while since I've been concentrating on web security for a while, but looking at the back is a bit complicated, involving more and more complex middleware, bottom-level security, vulnerability research, and security, so here's a

Spring Security Application Development (11) Concurrency control Practice

In this paper, we introduce the different configuration methods of the session management and concurrency control of Spring security in four different situations, as well as the result.(1) First, you write session_error.jsp page, for displaying

Graphic HTTP reading notes (10)

Graphic HTTP reading notes (10) Web attack technologyThe HTTP protocol itself is not a security issue, so the protocol itself is hardly an attack object. Servers and clients that apply the HTTP protocol, as well as Web application resources running

Springsecurity 3.2 Getting Started (6) A brief introduction to the 11 filters used by default

Security provides more than 20 filters, each of which provides specific functionality. The default order of these filter in the Spring Security filter filter chain is determined by

Introduction of spring Security 11 filters

1.HttpSessionContextIntegrationFilterAt the top of the filter, the first filter that works.Use one, before executing other filters, take the lead in judging whether a securitycontext has already existed in the user's session. If so, take the

PHP code audit

PHP code audit documents were updated last year. they were not well written, and some were not fully written. I have referenced many documents. The owasp codereview should also be 2.0. Let's give some suggestions. Directory 1. Overview 3 2.

PHP Security Programming

1. Order Injection (Command injection)The following 5 functions can be used in PHP to execute external applications or functionssystem, Exec, PassThru, Shell_exec, "(single apostrophe, same as shell_exec function, such as )Example:$dir = $_get["dir"]

Seven more features of Tomcat 7

English Original: Top 7 Features in Tomcat 7:the New and the improvedTomcat's 7 introduces many new features and enhancements to existing features. Many articles list the new features of Tomcat 7, but most do not explain them in detail, or point out

Common techniques for attacking Web Applications

Common techniques for attacking Web Applications Target: Servers and clients that use HTTP protocol, and Web applications that run on servers. Attack basics: HTTP is a common protocol mechanism. In Web applications, all the content of the HTTP

PHP code Audit

 The document was updated last year. It was not well written, and some were not fully written. I have referenced many documents. The owasp codereview should also be 2.0. Let's give some suggestions. Directory 1. Overview 3 2. input verification and

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