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Five suggestions for office building a SharePoint project

will be like this, but according to my experience, there are more clients than you can imagine. Sharepoint-Platform This is when you have a deep understanding of SharePoint (you will think) that even though SharePoint is sold like a product, it is actually a platform that requires some kind of love and care so that he will run as you wish. When the enterprise

(ii) Creating a SharePoint Framework (SPFX) project using Yeoman

This blog will show you how to use Yeoman to quickly create a SPFx project, before referring to the previous blog, "(i) Configuring the SharePoint Framework (SPFx) Local development environment" To configure the local development environment. There are two types of SharePoint Framework (SPFX) projects created by Yeoman, one for client WebPart and one for SPFx ext

SharePoint 2013 installation and configuration of Project Server 2013

How to Install Project Server 2013 in a SharePoint server 2013 farm and create a Project Server Service application. First step: Install Project ServerThe installation will not be more verbose. Part Two: Running the SharePoint products and Technologies Configuration Wizard

Prepare for a new SharePoint Project

The proposal of a Sharepoint-related project was sent out last Friday, waiting for the result... Whether or not you can win the bid is unknown. But you have already started to make some preparations. Although there were many contacts with SharePoint before. However, experience is mainly concentrated in features development and webpart development. There are not m

Microsoft South China (Shenzhen) Project Team recruits SharePoint and WWF development engineers

Company Name: Enterprise Service Department of Microsoft China Co., Ltd.Web: ShenzhenRecruitment Information: The Microsoft South China project team recruited three SharePoint development engineers and two WWF development engineers. Location: Shenzhen recruitment position: SharePoint development e

Spservices one of the following: Add Spservices to a SharePoint project

Category: Spserivces2014-09-21 04:03 233 people read Comments (0) favorite reports SharePoint 2013javascriptSPServices Open Source LibrarySpservices-jquery Libraries for SharePoint Web Services is a JQuery-based open source library that can be downloaded to CodePlex: Click to open the link.This library makes it easier for developers to invoke the Web services provided by

Change the SharePoint site port in the TFS Project

In the initial configuration of TFS, the company intranet is used. Due to the company's network security restrictions, the host cannot be published on the Internet. After the application by the department, only port 80 is published, change the port of the TFS server to this port. The port 80 used by the SharePoint website associated with the project can only be changed to another port. But the problem arise

SharePoint Server PWA (Project web App) is turned into read-only mode

A colleague today responded to a situation in which the integrated Project Web APP (hereafter referred to as PWA) in SharePoint 2016 became read-only read-only mode!Today, I would like to share my troubleshooting process for everyone's reference. The whole process I used a total of five methods, the result of the last one to take effect, but these five methods are in accordance with our inertial logic think

SharePoint Project import (mpp File Import ),

SharePoint Project import (mpp File Import ), Sharepoint Study Notes Http:// Note: Microsoft Project Basic components may not be automatically registered on different computers in earlier versions, so you can download the latest version. 1. Install Microsoft

SharePoint event handler test project

Work is required. Sometimes event handler is tested in various cases, including the event to be tested, but the feature of the event handler written each time is indeed repetitive and troublesome. So I wrote a code-generated applet to generate the following 37 projects, corresponding to 37 different List Templates. The listtemplateid is from The project registers all list and listitem events. Refe

SharePoint Project Import (MPP file import)

SharePoint Learning Notes, install Microsoft Project software I'm faking 2010.2, on net above test no problem3, this error occurred while porting the code to SharePointRetrieving a component of the CLSID {36d27c48-a1e8-11d3-ba55-00c04f72f325} in a COM class factory failed because of the following error: 80010001 the callee refused to receive the call

SharePoint 2016 opens the project PWA site

SharePoint 2016 opens project service OK 650) this.width=650; "title=" image "style=" border-top:0px; border-right:0px; Background-image:none; border-bottom:0px; padding-top:0px; padding-left:0px; border-left:0px; padding-right:0px "border=" 0 "alt=" image "src=" Wkiom1kyyubzs4yuaafq8utgjti749.png "" 653 "height=" 339 "/> Entering p

Preliminary Research on SharePoint-failure to create or open the original web project after WSS is installed (7)

After installing WSS, I encountered the problem of being unable to create or open the original web project. I found a lot of information on the Internet, because my "default website" was configured to be managed by Windows SharePoint Services. Solution:1. Open "Windows SharePoint Services Management Center ";2. Click "Configure Virtual Server Settings" under

SharePoint 2013 New Project field automatically loads the last saved value

) {} A } at - functionSetcookie () - { - varValue =document.getElementById (FieldID). value; - varDays = 30; - varExp =NewDate (); inExp.settime (Exp.gettime () + days*24*60*60*1000); -Document.cookie = cookiename + "=" + Escape (value) + "; expires=" +exp.togmtstring (); to varBTN =document.getElementById (Btnid); + (); - } the * functionBindsavebutton () $ {Panax Notoginseng varNEWBTN = "; - varBTN =document.getElementById (Btnid); thebtn.outerhtml = newbt

SharePoint 2013 New Project field automatically loads the last saved value

script in SharePoint is very flexible, of course, QQ group in the discussion, there are friends said can write to the backstage, with Ajax to deal with, also are good suggestions;This article describes the simplest field, that is, a single-line text field, if you encounter a drop-down box and other special fields, you can refer to this article processing, but not necessarily applicable to all situations;All right, here we go, rest. Take a break.Compl

Explore the "new" and "new" words displayed when creating a project in SharePoint 2010

The "New" and "new" words displayed when creating a project in SharePoint 2010 are discussed in SharePoint 2010. When we create a project, we will find that "new" appears in the upper right corner of the new project. See the figure below: But think about it. Why is the seco

SharePoint Project Summary

Project Cycle---------------1, Demand---problems2, Project Research (1-2 weeks)3, Documentation4, Division of labor and Cycle assessment (a short long, the principle of death)5, Progress meter (module-Responsible personnel-completion situation)6, coordinate and control overall progress, solve team problems7, Project code Integration-deployment-presentation-follow

Ashx page Gets the reason and workaround for spcontext.current null in a SharePoint 2010 project

//the wrong wording Public voidProcessRequest (HttpContext context) {Spsecurity.runwithelevatedprivileges (Delegate { //' spcontext.current ' null reference error using(varsite =NewSPSite (SPContext.Current.Site.ID)) { using(varweb =site. OpenWeb (SPContext.Current.Web.ID)) {//codes goes here } } });}//the correct wording Public voidProcessRequest (HttpContext context) {varCursite =SPContext.Current.Site; varCurweb =SPContext.Current.Web; Spsecurit

Error handling for new class libraries in SharePoint projects and common problems in project construction

and the DLL file under the same folder (when I test on SP2010, I can estimate the reason for the version even if it's not in the same folder). To be compatible with the previous SP version, then open the vs2012 command prompt and enter the content: gacutil-i absolute path \xxx.dll When prompted that the Assembly has been successfully added to the cache, it means that the registration has succeeded, and then the SP project is deployed and the referen

SharePoint multi-language support project spmultilansupport released

In Sharepoint, the implementation of multiple languages on a single site has always been a difficult problem. I have never seen any solutions. Recently I have made some time to do this. Implementation principle: Use httpmodule to dynamically switch the current thread language.Use httpmodule to intercept all HTML outputs, use regular expressions to replace them, use $ to identify all the locations on the site that require language switching, and then

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