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Java Scissors mini-game (scissors, stone, cloth)

Import Java.util.random;import Java.util.scanner;public class Caiquan{public static void Main (string[] args) {Random r= New Random (); int Diannao=r.nextint (3) +1; Scanner s=new Scanner (; System.out.println ("========= scissors mini-game ========="); System.out.println ("Please enter 1, 2, 3, 1 for scissors, 2 for stone, 3 for cloth"); int fangke=s.nextint (); if (diannao==1fangke==1) { SYSTEM.

Design a retro-styled silhouette poster in PS

Silhouette is a great way to make your design more interesting and memorable. One of the secrets of this kind of design is to make sure that you have as many details as you have in your silhouette. In this tutorial, we'll use the silhouette to create a retro-retro style poster, so let's get started.   What are we going to create?   1th Step First,

Csdn usage tips-Comment on csdn silhouette

A blog is originally a media, essentially no different from a TV or magazine, "family affairs, state affairs, World Affairs, and everything is concerned". Use a silhouette to combine your sharp point of view, it is easy to implement an online version of MA bin reading reports. Step 1: ActivateThe activation silhouette depends on the installation method you choose. If you select the right-click menu option

Good photos take you to explore the silhouette of the world

Silhouette Photography, is also a large light than the application of photography, usually when the backlight shooting, as the background of the bright part of the point metering, this can make the subject of the future exposure seriously insufficient, forming a strong silhouette, so that only a contour. Photographers often intentionally use this technique to express their deep artistic connotations. The im

OJ question-Scissors, stones and cloth, oj question Scissors Stone

OJ question-Scissors, stones and cloth, oj question Scissors Stone /** Copyright (c) 2014, computer College, Yantai University* All rights reserved.* File name: test. cpp* Author: Li xiaokai* Completion date: January 1, May 5, 2015* Version No.: v1.0** Problem description: * Input description:* Program output: */ Note: you only need to submit part of the code for this question. Please submit it in C ++ mode

Qt 3D Research (10): Stroke rendering (contour rendering) and Silhouette Shader

Qt 3D Research (10): Stroke rendering (contour rendering) and silhouette ShaderBefore writing two articles, introduced me in the edge detection above research, actually uses the GPU to carry on the edge detection to the rendering image, the premise is needs to carry on the two times render, the previous time renders the result as the input texture of the next pass result, then in the second pass rendering, the two dimensional image does some image pro

Photoshop makes cracked portrait silhouette effects

This tutorial mainly uses Photoshop to make a fractured portrait silhouette effect, and the tutorial focuses on the idea of how to create a fragmented portrait. If it is a real portrait picture, also need to go through a simple processing, the dark part into a vector map, and then color and add debris, and so on, like friends let us learn together. Final effect 1, open the character silhouette

Design a nostalgic and retro-style silhouette poster in PS-PS tutorial

In this tutorial, I designed a nostalgic and retro-style silhouette poster to my friends at the foot of the house. The final effect produced by the tutorial is very beautiful. The tutorial is very detailed, there are a lot of details to learn. let's take a look at it. this tutorial is to design a nostalgic and retro-style silhouette poster in PS for friends at the foot of the house, the final results produc

Rookie's 2014 Silhouette

, accompany him by the United States to abuse four days four nights, thanks to the fruits of boredom. Now the situation is unknown.The 2014 home is also not peaceful. Two Huilai told me that in the Shenzhen grass Shop station has to go to the car, if lucky, also has the Koshien car, can pass through the village. Very lucky, I really hooked up to the Koshien!!! The problem is that I don't know which line it's going to take. Finally I really got to the Koshien, Baidu a bit, stunned. Koshien is Sha

PS Use mask to make cool portrait silhouette text (GRAPHIC)

PS Use mask to make cool portrait silhouette text (graphic) Final effect The specific production steps are as follows: 1, first open the wood grain picture 2, search the street dance material, import the document 3, input white text, change size size position, as far as possible full street dance contour, and then put these words group 4, not filled parts with white squares to arrange t

Three steps to create a magnificent fragment silhouette portrait

The tutorial focuses on the production ideas of the debris portrait. If the real portrait picture, also need to go through simple processing, the dark part into a vector map, and then color and add debris.Final effect 1, open the character silhouette material, uses the Magic Wand tool to select out the character, copies to the new layer. 2, create a new l

Silhouette of the years [you are the person of the world on October 18]

between body and soul April 4 ----- Binlong is finally about to take the shot and wish them a blessing. ----- In the morning, a girl asked me where I went for dinner. She says it's expensive.---| No... An eight-dollar meal .... Thank you, Mom and Dad. At least I have no worries about food and clothing. ----- I also saw the silhouette of the years from December now ~ We miss the warm and beautiful things in our lost lives. ----- Question A is easy to

Photoshop to create a beautiful star silhouette effect

Photoshop creates a stunning silhouette of the stars. The effect of the image is somewhat similar to the appearance of the backlight, the treatment of the time we put the characters into a similar black, and then use the brush to paint the outline of the light area with a tint of light, local layer style to increase the luminous effect, and finally the local soft treatment, get their own satisfaction. Final effect 1, open the image b

Photoshop makes orange backlight silhouette portrait effect

The tutorial introduces creative portrait-post rendering methods. The author's creative thinking is very good, portrait selected the backlight silhouette effect, the latter focus on softening the original piece of light sense, and added some creative spot. The whole is very beautiful. Original Final effect 1, drag into the photo, copy the layer (CTRL+J), through the curve (ctrl+m) and levels (CTRL+L) to adjust the layer properly.

Make beautiful silhouette posters with shapes and brushes

Sketch posters are relatively concise, but need more silhouette material, can use ready-made shapes or hand over some of the desired elements into silhouette material.Final effect 1. First, we'll create a new file. Here we need to set the length, width and resolution. In our example, I intend to use A5 paper size, select "International Standard paper", then c

Fireworks create bizarre Silhouette optical Graffiti effect

", set reference to the following English settings, here to do so to stroke the outline of the previous pen Figure 4 Figure 5 5, copy we have done before the silhouette sketch contour Strokes 3 times, then use Gaussian blur for the topmost contour layer (guys blur copy), set the Blur range to 2, then select four layers at the same time, using the "multiply" in the blending mode, so that the previous whit

By using VB to write scissors game to tell the conditional statement

Terms and Conditions | This article is suitable for readers who are primarily readers and interested in VB introductory teaching. Conditional judgment is a Process Control statement that completes the main logical structure in computer programming. The IF Condition expression 1 then [code part]elseif conditional Expression 2 then] is provided in VB [ Code section]else [Code part]end IF Control process to program execution structure. The conditional expression determines the judgment of the exec

How Photoshop makes Silhouette visual effects

how Photoshop makes silhouette visual effects Effect Chart: Material: Production Start: First the portrait is deducted, here with the channel buckle picture is the best, the figure quickly not so careful, will buckle the picture to put into the city image Create a new layer, fill the white, adjust the transparency, I tune the 80 Ctrl+t, put your face in the right place. To create a cli

Photoshop creates gorgeous pieces of silhouette portrait

The tutorial focuses on the production ideas of the debris portrait. If the real portrait picture, also need to go through simple processing, the dark part into a vector map, and then color and add debris. Final effect 1, open the character silhouette material, uses the Magic Wand tool to select out the character, copies to the new layer. 2, create a new layer, with a brush to paint some color, see a person like Ctrl + Left

jquery picture Silhouette Fadeins Fade effect _jquery

Several friends of my band have just undergone a change in the small membership lineup. They need to replace the photos on their home page. I think it might be interesting to have a little interaction with something. There may be many ways to do this, and this one just came into my head and suddenly appeared, and I went with it. The idea is to have a silhouette as a background image, then, in the group all exactly the same size with each band memb

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