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Silverlight: "debugging cannot be started-When Silverlight developer is not installed. Install a version matching solution.

Because of the project requirements, you need to use Silverlight. You have to learn how to use it. My colleague sent the SDK, tool, and demo related to Silverlight to me. At the beginning of debugging and running, the following problems occurred: Unable to start debugging -- The Silverlight developer Runtime is not installed.

Silverlight could not start debugging, error "Unable to start debugging. The Silverlight Developer Runtime is not installed. Please install a matching version. "Workaround

The following error occurred in debugging Silverlight today:This means "Unable to start debugging because the Silverlight Developer runtime is not installed, please install a matching version". But press CTRL + F5 can debug run, not Ah, a few days ago also good, today how can not do?Suddenly, a few days ago Silverlight

Interaction with the Silverlight Browser: Install the Silverlight program locally

Run the program because the Silverlight program is not installed locally. Click the installer to display The shortcut appears on the desktop .. Double-click the shortcut to open the program... Running the original web program .... XAMLCode: Grid X: Name = "Layoutroot" Background = "White" > Here there are three grids.When the program runs from a browser and is not installed locally, ibnotinstalledexperience i

Silverlight Study Notes (2)-install Silverlight locally

Outofbrowser. XAML Outofbrowser. XAML. CS Public outofbrowser () { Initializecomponent (); This. Loaded + = new routedeventhandler (outofbrowser_loaded ); } Void outofbrowser_loaded (Object sender, routedeventargs E) { Initbutton (); App. Current. installstatechanged + = new eventhandler (current_installstatechanged ); } Void current_installstatechanged (Object sender, eventargs E) { Initbutton (); } Private v

Install Silverlight through command line

Many people need to embed Silverlight applications into their own software applications in their own programs. Therefore, the installation method is to be completed directly in their own software. In fact, sliverlight4 already supports this function, but not many people know it. In this regard, cool Superman will let everyone know about it. You can run the following command line in your program through system. Diagnostics. process. Use your applicatio

Install Silverlight pseudo winfrom Using InstallShield

As we all know, the Silverlight OOB mode can be directly installed right-click in the browser,Here I will introduce how to use SilverlightProgramCreate an independent EXE installer.Ideas:1. Install xap through command line2. After installation, uninstall the xap that comes with OOB In the delete control panel.3. InstallShield installer uninstall and also uninstall the S

Install Silverlight 2

When Silverlight 2 beta1 was released in early March, I tried to download it and try it. However, the installation error is always prompted during the next installation, which is very depressing. I haven't finished the whole night over the past few days. I find that there are not many people with such errors on the Internet. I guess I am dumb. I was lucky to find the solution in yjinglee's blog. Thank you. 1, Not installable It is very likely that

Unable to start debugging-When Silverlight developer is not installed. Install a matching version.

After installing vs2010, install silverlight4_tools.exe again, A Silverlight project is created, and someCode, Press F5 to run. The following error occurs: Debugging cannot be started. The Silverlight developer Runtime is not installed. Install a matching version. After searching, there are two methods: 1. R

Unable to start debugging-When Silverlight Developer is not installed. Install a matching version. Solution

After installing vs2010, install silverlight4_tools.exe again, After creating a Silverlight project, enter some code and press F5 to run it. the following error occurs: Debugging cannot be started. The Silverlight Developer Runtime is not installed. Install a matching version. After searching, there are two methods: 1

Article 3: Silverlight 2.0-download and install

1. download microsoft Silverlight Tools Beta 1 for Visual Studio 2008 54.5 MB 2. Double-click to install 3. Open vs 2008 and create a project Visual C #Contains two items: Silverlight class library and Silverlight application. 4. Select Silverlight application and name

Silverlight (1. Install and create a project)

1. Download and install Silverlight: Microsoft Silverlight 3 tools (upgrade vs2008 to SP1 before installation) 2. Like most people, myProgramFinally, after I installed it, I got OK, and there was no error in running the vs2008 project. I sorted out my own installation sequence: vs2008 (later vs2010 was installed ), framework3.5-SP1, VS2008-SP1, silverlight3,sil

Microsoft Windows uninstall tool-solves the problem of updating Silverlight and failing to install it successfully

This Windows Update includes the upgrade of Silverlight 5, but Silverlight 5 cannot be directly installed on the basis of Silverlight 4. Have you ever encountered this problem? When automatic updates are made, all other items are successfully installed. If Silverlight 5 is installed n times, the system will remind you

After the Silverlight installation is successful, you are prompted to install

After the Silverlight installation is successful, you are prompted to install.Workaround 1:Refresh the browser and reopen it.Workaround 2:Open "Control Panel" Add Remove program "Find sliverlight that, uninstall it right, those sliverlight SDK do not control it, and then install your SliverLight.exeOK, fix it!!Workaround 3:Open "Settings"--"security"--"axtive x filter" Before the tick, remove.Workaround 4:T

Install Silverlight 3 tools.

It's not terrible to have a brain disability. What's terrible is that the brain disability is contagious. It's terrible to have a bunch of brains infected. First of all, I have to say that Microsoft staff working on this Chinese package is a brainchild. The Chinese version of the installation package, as long as you have installed the silverlight3 SDK on your machine, no matter whether the installation package is, an error is reported and rolled back, he can't

How Silverlight Works

how Silverlight works by how Silverlight interacts with the server-side managed code. Silverlight might be to download the managed DLL to local execution. This is true after tracing the HTTP request with the tool. 1. After IE loads the page. The HTML page, the Silverlight.js, and the XAP application package are loaded in the IE cache. clip_image002[7]2. FF Debug

[Original] Silverlight series tutorial [1]-WPF/Silverlight architecture and Operating Mechanism

client applications, while Silverlight runs cross-platform and expanded browsers through browsers or other hosts ), their architecture is also different. The basic difference is: The running of WPF requires the. NET runtime and the installation of the. NET Framework framework. Currently, the. NET Framework only supports Windows platforms, which limits that WPF can only run on Windows platforms. For Silverligh

Silverlight tips of the day-Summary outline

installation of Silverlight and Silverlight tools Resources Tip #104-Cool Silverlight tutorial blogs Tip #101-Silverlight 3 beta 1 feature Summary Tip #85-how to save $ on the Silverlight mix Conference Tip #83-go to mix09 Tip #75-where to get the l

Silverlight learning notes 1 easily create a Silverlight 4 Development Environment

[From] [] There is an article on "easily creating a Silverlight Development Environment" in yinzhong guowang"ArticleI believe it has helped a lot of new users with Silverlight, but this article introduces the Silverlight 3 development environment. This article will be updated based on the above to hel

Silverlight classic 10 questions for you

, Silverlight is very similar to flash. We can watch the animation through flash and it also needs to install a plug-in the browser. 6th Q: Can Silverlight run on other platforms except Windows? Of course, in addition to the Windows platform, animations made using Silverlight can also run on other platforms. Regard

Silverlight™3 SDK (software development kit) has removed ASP. NET mediaplayer and ASP. NET Silverlight.

Original article: 2 SDK (installed with Silverlight 2 tools for Visual Studio 2008 SP1) provides 2 Silverlight ASP. NET Server controls: · ASP. NET mediaplayer ControlIntegrate audio (WMA) and video (WMV) media sources into Web ApplicationsProgram. · ASP. NET

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