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Talking about SMB and SMB small case sharing in Windows server

SMB originServer Messages Block (English: Server Message block, abbreviated SMB, Server Message Block), also known as a network file sharing system (English: Common Internet Files System, abbreviated to CIFS), an application-layer network transport Protocol, Developed by Microsoft, the main function is to enable the machine on the network to computer files, printers, serial ports and communication resources

Penetration notes-2013-07-13 on the SMB version of the scan

/WINDOWS/SMB/MS05_047_PNP Normal Microsoft Plug and Play Service Registry Overflow dos/windows/smb/ms06_035_mailslot normal Microsoft SRV. SYS mailslot Write corruption Dos/windows/smb/ms06_063_trans normal Microsoft SRV. SYS Pipe Transaction No Null dos/windows/smb/ms09_001

Linux and cloud Computing--phase tenth: Samba Server Setup-SMB shared directory and multiuser SMB mounts

Linux and Cloud computing--the second phase of Linux Server SetupThe Tenth chapter:Samba server Set up-SMB shared directory and multiuser SMB mount share directory through SMB in the Server Configure the SMB service onYour SMB server must be a member of the staff workgroupS

Shared file reading and writing based on SMB Protocol blog category: Java

Read and write of shared files based on SMB protocolBlog Category: Java One, the SMB protocolThe SMB protocol is based on Tcp-netbios, and the general port usage is 139,445.The server Information block (SMB) protocol is an IBM protocol that is used to share files, printers, serial ports, and so on between

SMB (Server Message Block, also known as common Internet File System (CIFS ))

Server Message Block (SMB) is a software program-level network transmission protocol developed by Microsoft, it is mainly used to allow machines on a network to share computer files, printers, serial ports, communications, and other resources. It also provides certified inter-trip communication functions. It is mainly used on a machine with Microsoft Windows installed, on which it is called Microsoft Windows network. After re-development by the Unix

Allow vagrant to use NFS/SMB shared folders under Windwos To resolve directory share IO slow issues

block is a security risk, and may resultinchInstalling unexpected gems. To resolve the warning, use a block to indicatewhichGems should come from the secondary source. To upgrade the warning to an error, run ' bundle config Disable_multisourcetrue`. Gem::remotefetcher::fetcherror:errno::econnaborted:an established connection was aborted by the softwareinchYour host machine. -Ssl_connect ( seems to be a lack of childprocess-0.5.8.gem.Simply down

Linux under the SMB file sharing server detailed

Linux under the SMB file sharing server detailed1.SMB Server, NetBIOS work Port 137/UDP,138/UDP,139/TCP, shared file work Port 445/tcpThe 2.SMB server is primarily a file-sharing service running between Linux and Windows,There are four user,share,server,domain of security levelUser: Equivalent to the use of customer authenticationShare: equivalent to anonymous ac

LINUX-SMB file Sharing

Tags: linux-smb############### #SMB文件共享 ###############The Internet File System (CIFS) also becomes a server that is used by microsftwindows servers and clients to share system Information blocks (SMB) with standard files and printersSamba services can be used to share Linux file systems as CIFS/SMB Network file share

Linux SMB and NFS file sharing

One, SMB file sharing1. Installing and adding users to SMB1.1 Installing the SMB softwareYum Install Samba Samba-common samba-client-ysystemctl start SMB nmbsystemctl enable SMB NMB1.2 Adding users to SMBSMB user must be local user smbpasswd-a studentnew SMB password: #输入

Nautilus cannot process the "SMB" Location

Solution for Nautilus cannot handle "SMB" locations. (Nautilus cannot handle "SMB" location .) Status:1. When you use "SMB: // shared server address" in the address bar, the message "Nautilus cannot process" SMB "location" is displayed. 2. Location --> only the "Custom location" option is available for connecting to th

Multi-channel application of Microsoft's private cloud storage protocol SMB 3.0

In view of the fact that this blog may have been a bit more obscure, but I feel very useful, so put on my TechNet webcast for this subject course and demo download links for your reference. Http:// Introduction to SMB The server Message Block (SMB) protocol is a network file sharing protocol for Microsoft Development practices that allows applications to read and

Smb Service (shared by Linux and windows)

Smb Service (Linux and windows sharing)-Linux general technology-Linux technology and application information, the following is a detailed description. Smb Service (shared by Linux and windows) First turn off the Firewall Enter iptables-F on the terminal Or System -- manage -- firewall -- disable Step 1: Change smb. conf Let's implement the simplest function, so

"Server for NFS Configuration" (CIFS) SMB

executing exportfs-r after saving the changes. You can use EXPORTFS-V to display all exports.***********************************(CIFS) smb***************************************************First, Introduction1. The Universal Internet File System (CIFS) also becomes a new server information block (SMB), which is a standard file and Printer Sharing system for Microsoft Windows servers and clients. Samba serv

Install MySQL apache PHP SMB

1 SMBLinux under SMB configuration commands to connect using SMB: Smbclient// to between Linux and Linux and Windows to each other to transfer files, can be used FTP, a moment, decided to use the SMB to try, because the time is relatively short, so can only write down a portion of the command and content, small remember:) One, the use of t

Windows Server R2 SMB PowerShell command

PowerShell 4.0 is one of the many improvements in management features of Windows 8.1 and Windows Server R2. We have introduced the "Top Ten PowerShell 4.0 Orders" before. Here we focus on some of the SMB-related improvements in the PowerShell cmdlet listed in the foreign site Serverwatch, which covers the new SMB 3.02 features. Applying AMB share ACLs to file system ACLs Sometimes you may want to use and

Smb. conf configuer

Find the detailed explanation of smb. conf from the Internet, and it is still Chinese!In Linux terminal mode, enter # vi/etc/samba/smb. conf to open smb. conf. ====================================== Global settings ====================== ======================================[Global] // set the overall SAMBA service environmentWorkgroup = hackase // set the workg

Linux Foundation---SMB configuration

I. Introduction of SAMBA1. Overview:For Windows ' Network Places, the way to share files is using the NFS protocol between the SMB and CIFS protocols and the NetBIOS protocol Linux/unix. But there is no sharing between Linux and Windows, so Andrew Tridgell of the Australian National University decided to develop a software that would enable file sharing between different systems. That is, Samba was born. for those of us who are learning Linux, Samba

Interpreting "Redirect SMB" Attacks

Interpreting "Redirect SMB" Attacks A few days ago, Cylance released a vulnerability that affects Windows systems. Attackers can redirect to the SMB protocol and use man-in-the-middle attacks to steal user authentication information. What is this attack? What is "Redirect SMB? The vulnerability defense team of the computer manager conducts a detailed technical an

Modify the default port for Windows SMB services

Modify the default port for Windows SMB services From: http://www.xfocus.netCreated:Article attributes: originalArticle submission: tombkeeper ( Modify the default port for Windows SMB services Author: YuEmail: tombkeeper [0x40] nsfocus [0x2e] comTombkeeper [0x40] xfocus [0x2e] orgCompleted at: 2004.07.22Keywords: SMB, netbt, NETBIOS, ne

SMB/CIFS protocol details

SMB/CIFS Protocol After NetBIOS appeared, Microsoft implemented a network file/print service system using NetBIOS. This system sets a file sharing protocol based on NETBIOS, which Microsoft calls Server Message Block (SMB) protocol. This protocol is used by Microsoft in their LAN Manager and Windows NT Server systems, and Windows systems all include client software for this Protocol, thus this Protocol has

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