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Simple Machines forum (SMF) 2.0 session hijacking and repair

Simple Machines forum (SMF) 2.0 session hijacking Found by The X-C3LL and seth  Website: http://www.simplemachines. org/ SMF stops csrf attacks sending a session token in all the requests wich make changes to the forum. Usually, it goes in the POST

Apache+mysql+php Kit

A apache+mysql+php environment has recently been installed. After Google, we found that the installation is becoming more and more simple. No need for cumbersome configuration installation, just a simple execution of SH will be done.Then I Google to

Apache + MySQL + PhP suite

Recently, an Apache + MySQL + PhP environment has to be installed. After Google, it is found that the current installation is becoming more and more simple. You don't need to bother with configuration and installation. You just need to execute a sh

Openais Cluster Analysis

Openais Cluster Analysis 1. AIS Overview Application Interface Specification (AIS) is a set of open specifications used to define application interface (API). These applications provide an open and highly portable application interface for

A batch of website construction programs

Blog Program B2evolution Nucleus Pmachine free WordPress CMS Content Manager Drupal Geeklog Joomla Manbo PHP-Nuke Phpwcms Phpwebsite Post-nuke Siteframe Typo3 Xoops CRM Customer Management Program Crafty syntax Live Help Help Center

No space flow restrictions PHP with MySQL free space

1, 1500MB capacity;2, 100GB flow; 9, unlimited PHP and MySQL;10, the space access speed is good. Application Address: 1500 MB Disk space, GB Data TransferWe have enough room for your website, emails and databases. All my

Toss (2) Select a CMS

I forgot why I switched the space on Godaddy from IIS6 to iis7, but I didn't feel any improvement at the time. Recently I found that iis7 supports php5.x, most of the excellent CMS systems are built with PHP, so the idea of replacing the current

C ++ project calls C # DLL

My first contact with managed C ++ is my personal feeling. Please point out the incorrect content.   When I used C # To write a DLL project, I thought I had to use a dllexport or something like that. Later I realized that I only needed to declare

Mobile Game trends and related j2s APIs (zt)

Summary Mobile games have made remarkable achievements and become one of the fastest growing parts of the IT industry. In this article, the author Michael yuan focused on analyzing the characteristics and current situation of this exciting new

Question the role of OSGi

Recently, I have discussed the role of OSGi with other people on cnblogs. Since the people there will only copy the online rhetoric from the Internet over the past n years, and seldom have their own analysis and insights, you cannot start the

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