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Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)

Introduction to Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) As a network consultant or network administrator, your work is not completed after you have installed the network and set up the user account and application. Your next role is network

Analysis of port security functions of Cisco switches

The following is a brief analysis of the port security function of a Cisco switch. It is taken from the recently published Cisco/H3C switch advanced configuration and management technical manual. The Port security function in the Cisco IOS switch

Vswitch Port Security Summary

VswitchThe most commonPort SecurityYou can control and manage network traffic based on the MAC address. For example, you can bind a MAC address to a specific port to limit the number of MAC addresses that a specific port uses, or, the frame traffic

What are the switch port security issues

Switch Port Security Summary The most common understanding of port security is based on the MAC address to do the control and management of network traffic, such as MAC address and specific port binding, limit the number of specific ports through

Port Security configuration steps and instructions

With the help of Security ports, you can only allow a specified MAC address or a specified number of MAC addresses to access a port, so as to avoid unauthorized computer access to the network or limit the number of computers connected to a port,

Cisco Catalyst Switch IP + MAC binding

  I. host MAC and switch port binding: Switch # config terminal Switch (config) # int f0/1 Switch (config-if) # switchport mode access Switch (config-if) # switchport port-security mac-address 2.16.0000.0001     2. Host IP address and switch port

Thoroughly understand network security issues through wireless LAN security analysis

The security of Wireless LAN has always been one of our key issues. So how can we achieve comprehensive protection? First, we need to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the network security mechanism to see what causes the danger. Next we will

Switch Security (2)-MAC address flooding

Mac layer Attack rumor address floodA common two-layer attack or switch attack is a Mac flood, with an intruder using a large number of invalid source MAC addresses, which can cause the switch's cam table to overflow, because the switch cannot find

Binding IP and MAC addresses in Cisco switches

To prevent IP address theft or employee IP address tampering in a Cisco switch, you can take the following measures: binding an IP address to a MAC address and binding an IP address to a vswitch port. 1. Check the port through IP Address Check the

WLAN security solutions for Wireless LAN

We can basically consider solving the security problems of WLAN from the following aspects. 1. First identify the security strategy, locate the main use of WLAN throughout the work, involving the transfer of data and personnel, equipment. Then, the

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