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Flume + Solr + log4j build web Log collection system, flumesolr

Flume + Solr + log4j build web Log collection system, flumesolr Preface Many web applications use ELK as the log collection system. Flume is used here because they are familiar with the Hadoop framework and Flume has many advantages. For details

tomcat7.0+zookeeper+sola5.0.0 Building SOLR Clusters

Solrcloud can be built in two ways: using the jetty built in Solr, and using the external Web container tomcat to build. For the use of Jett to build reference SOLR official manual is OK, very simple, below I mainly talk about how to use Tomcat to

Use SPRING-DATA-SOLR to do SOLR client

SOLR's client basically has only one, that is SOLRJ,SPRING-DATA-SOLR is done on the basis of SOLRJ encapsulation, so unified into Spring-data styleOfficial website: simplest way to use spring-data is to

Index replication in SOLR distributed configuration (original)

SOLR index replication: Copies an index from the master server to multiple servers.Index replication reason: when many customers access a SOLR server concurrently, this may cause the SOLR server to crash (the SOLR server cannot meet the concurrent

Apache SOLR initial experience 4

We talked about the basic usage and configuration file of SOLR several times before, and then we started our real code journey. 1) start with a simple program: Public static void main (string [] ARGs) throws solrserverexception, ioexception,

Kafka+flume+morphline+solr+hue Data Combination Index

Background: Kafka The completion of the message bus, so that the data of each system can be aggregated in the Kafka node, the next task is to maximize the value of data, let the data "Hui" talk.Environment Preparation:Kafka server.CDH 5.8.3 Server,

SOLR Scheduled Updates

Today with the SOLR time to rebuild the index and the increment of the new technology, from the Internet search some information, here to everyone to tidy up a bit, also passed their own tests, no abnormalities.SOLR officially provides a very

SOLR Common Problem-Fayon

This is a list of some of the problems I have encountered in the development process, some of which are taken from others on the Internet.1. Org.apache.solr.client.solrj.SolrServerException:Timeout occured while waiting response from server at:http:/

[SOLR]-database Import

The MySQL test is used here.1, first build a table in MySQL: solr_test2. Insert several test data:3, use Notepad to play solrconfig.xml files, in the Solrhome folder. E:\solrhome\mycore\conf\solrconfig.xml(Solrhome folder is what, see:

"Go" SOLR import data from a database (DIH)

This article transferred from: Data import (DATAIMPORTHANDLER-DIH)DIH is a toolkit provided by SOLR for importing databases, xml/http, and rich text objects into the SOLR index library.

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