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Lucene spell Check Module

Lucene, an open source search engine Development toolkit from Apache, not only provides core search functionality, but also provides a number of other plug-in features, such as the spell checker module.The Search spelling module implementation class

Apache httpd Installation and configuration

1.1 IntroductionApache HTTP Server (Apache) is an open source Web server of the Apache Software Foundation, which can run in most computer operating systems, and is one of the most popular Web server-side software due to its multi-platform and

Introduction to Apache SOLR 4.0 trial and lucidworks

Apache SOLR 4.0 has been released for a while, and the latest SOLR modification is still very large. Especially from the background management interface, it is easier to experience and manage it. By default, the multi-core mode is used, and multiple

Position-aware search using Apache Lucene and SOLR

Whether it's looking for the nearest café via a GPS-enabled smartphone, or finding friends near you through social networking sites, or looking at all the trucks that transport certain goods in a particular city, more and more people and businesses

Explain the Apache main configuration file (configuration narration) in detail

Apache provides network administrators with a variety of features, including directory indexing, directory aliases, content negotiation, configurable HTTP error reporting, setuid execution of CGI programs, child process resource management,

Introduction to Apache SOLR: Lucene-based Scalable Cluster search Server

The Apache SOLR project is an open-source enterprise search Server Based on Apache Lucene, and version 1.3 has been released recently. Infoq interviewed the SOLR creator yonik Seeley and learned more about the new version and the functions provided

Com.apache.dc.query.Query belongs to package name Apache-common-sid.jar

Com.apache.dc.query.Query belongs to package name Apache-common-sid.jarFirst of all, this class is based on HQL, a lot of methods inside to pass string clzz, at first I really do not know this parameter to pass what, later to see other people's code

How to do the Web site 301 Redirect (Apache/iis/htaccess) Implementation method Introduction

1) IIS 301 redirect IIS implements the 301 permanent redirection method, which is applicable to Windows servers, and then performs the following actions: Locate the corresponding Web site in IIS-> Redirect to url-> to enter the URL address of the

Centos6.7 deploy the Zimbra email system environment

Centos6.7 deploy the Zimbra email system environment 1. installation environment Configuration 1) system: centos6.7 64 W Bit 2) software: zcs-8.6.0_GA_1153.RHEL6_64.20141215151155 3) ip Address: 2. Preparations before installation 1)

Ubuntu16.04 Installing JDK Tomcat

Ubuntu16.04 Installing the JDK, download version 64 of LinuxYou need to download the tar.gz version of the JDK,TOMCAT installation packageHttp://pan.baidu.com/s/1mi4WVhATo install the JDK:[Email protected]:~$ sudo mkdir/Java[sudo] Hongdada password:

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