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Mysql-phpmyadmin error #1054 Unknown column ' Devison ' in ' order clause '

Today, I looked at the MySQL database and found myself devision a table of Devison. When I change it, I notice that clicking on the structure of table in phpMyAdmin will jump out of this error: #1054 Unknown column ' Devison ' in ' order clause '.

MySQL 1054 Error Unknown column ... in ' ON clause '

ERROR 1054 (42S22): Unknown column ... in ' ON clause 'Reason:To MySQL5.0 a Bug, enclose the combined table in parentheses : Example :SQL code select  ( c.id, a.id, b.id)  from a  a, b b left join c c on c.a_id  = a.a_id and c.b_id = b.b_id  

Error code: 1054 Unknown column & #39; t. createUsrId & #39; in & #39; group statement & #39;, 1054t. createusrid

Error code: 1054 Unknown column't. createUsrId 'in 'group statement', 1054t. createusrid 1. Error description 1 queries executed, 0 success, 1 errors, 0 warnings query: select count (t. id), t. 'createuserid' from t_acs_ints t where t. id not in

Pymysql.err.InternalError: (1054, "Unknown column ' None ' in ' Field List ')

Error message:Traceback (most recent): File"d:/projectwc/test/dd.py", line 43,inchEffect_row= Cursor.execute ("insert INTO ' 222 ' set c={}". Format (None)) File"C:\python\lib\site-packages\pymysql\cursors.py", line 166,inchExecute

MySQL root password modification method under Linux (ERROR 1054)

To start MySQL in safe mode, you can log in as root and reset your password. Here are the steps1. Stop the MySQL service that is running:Service Mysqld Stop2. Safe mode to start MySQL:sudo mysqld_safe--skip-grant-tables--skip-networking &3. Login

Error prompt during ASP debugging and VBScript syntax error

Microsoft VBScript & # x6cd5; error (0x800a03e9) --> insufficient memory Microsoft VBScript language & # x6cd5; error (0x800a03ea) --> Language & # x6cd5; Error Microsoft VBScript & # x6cd5; error (0x800a03eb) --> missing ':' Microsoft VBScript & #

MySQL error number (Common MySQL error code)

Address: http://hi.baidu.com/leilei1334/blog/item/2dcfe8ce93df890092457e3d.html   The error is that two MySQL instances installed on the MySQL error number 2003 Machine One is mysql5.0 port: 3305 Manual start service One is mysql6.0 port: 3306

MySQL error code list

1005: An error occurred while creating the table. 1006: database creation failed 1007: the database already exists. An error occurred while creating the database. 1008: the database does not exist. An error occurred while deleting the database. 1

Has anyone ever told you that your SQL statement has returned an error?

Has anyone ever told you that your SQL statement has returned an error? Quote: The real environment for online operation is always unpredictable. it is clear that when you test locally, all the situations are OK, maybe you are still excited about

MYSQL common error code comparison

Common Errors!1016 error: the file cannot be opened. Use the background or phpmyadmin to fix the problem.1044 error: the database user permissions are insufficient. Contact the Space Provider to solve the problem.1045 error: Incorrect database

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