sqlconnection connection string example

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Sqlconnection class --- establish a connection with sqlserver

  1. sqlconnection Syntax: Public sealed class sqlconnection: dbconnection, icloneable Indicates the connection to the SQL Server database. This class cannot be inherited. Namespace: system. Data. sqlclientAssembly: system. Data (in system. Data.

Database Learning Task Two: Database Connection object SqlConnection

the development process of a database application is generally divided into the following steps: Create a database To connect to a database using a Connection object Execute SQL commands against the data source using the Command

Sqlconnection. Open why is there no exception when the database is disconnected

The problem encountered over the past few days is that sqlconnection. when the database is disconnected (such as stopping SQL Service), open returns normally without errors. After research, it is found that ado.net adopts the connection pool

After sqlconnection calls the dispose method, can it be reused in the connection pool?

In the previous article, I briefly discussed the correct use of sqlconnection. by talking about the connection pool, I accidentally encountered a problem: After the close and dispose methods of sqlconnection are executed, is this connection object

Sqlconnection, sqldataadapter, sqlcommand, sqlparameter

Sqlconnection, sqldataadapter, sqlcommand, and sqlparameter are often used in the charging system of the VB.net data center. These classes are both sqlclient classes and sqlclient classes are located in system. in the data namespace, this namespace

The relationship between SqlConnection SqlCommand DataReader DataSet SqlDataAdapter in ADO

1 God said, to connect to the database, so there is a SqlConnection (database connection, configuration connection string, such as user name password)2 God says, to execute the SQL statement. Then there is the SqlCommand, directly translated into

ASP. NET 3.5 core programming learning notes (11): sqlconnection and Connection Pool

Composition of. NET data providers . NET data providers have two types of functions: Non-connection data support and connection data support. The following table lists the main components of the. NET data provider:   The component implementation in

ASP. net2.0 SQL Server database connection details

There are four connection types: sqlconnection, oledbconnection, odbcconnection, and oracleconnection. Objects in the sqlconnection class are connected to the SQL Server database; objects in the oracleconnection class are connected to the Oracle

Detailed information on how to connect to a database using the Connection object

This article describes in detail how to use the connection object to connect to a database. For the different. NET data provider, ADO. NET uses different connection objects to connect to the database. These connection objects mask the specific

asp.net2.0 Connection SQL Server database detailed

asp.net|server| Data | database | detailed This article describes in detail how to use the connection object to connect to a database. Right This article describes in detail how to use the connection object to connect to a database. For the

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