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SSD win7 Optimization guide: nine x Win7 SSD optimization methods

SSD win7 Optimization guide: nine Win7 SSD optimization methods with the price of solid-state drives falling, solid-state drives are now widely used, and some new notebooks and assembly computers are also beginning to adopt solid-state drive platforms, not to mention that th

SSD-based database performance optimization

. Based on the above features of SSD, if you put all the databases on SSD, the following problems may occur: 1. Log File sequential logging will repeatedly erase the same location. Although there is a loss balancing algorithm, long write will still cause performance degradation. 2. Data Files in place update will generate a large number of random writes, and erase-before-write will generate write amplificat

Let the SSD speed fly. Solid state HDD Optimization techniques Daquan

Let the SSD speed fly. Solid state HDD Optimization techniques Daquan However, the other aspects of SSDs are obvious, so it has become the necessary hardware for most users installed. In terms of usage, SSD is slightly different from the traditional HDD, and it is necessary to go through a series of settings if the SSD

Let SSD speed fly up hard drive optimization tips Daquan

From the advent of SSDs, to the present popularity, in fact, only a few years of time. During this time, SSD performance and capacity, especially the price, have undergone a great change. Have to say, now the capacity of SSD is getting bigger, the price is also getting cheaper. However, compared with the traditional HDD, there are some gaps in the capacity and price ratio, especially the large capacity is t

Optimization of MySQLIO under SSD

analyzed. Locate the possible cause of the problem and try to make the following adjustments on the 24 master database: After the above adjustments, I/O became stable and there was no larger fluctuation. For the sake of insurance, project A decided to use an SSD-equipped model to migrate the master database, and migrate the 24 slave database 27. After the migration is completed, the SSD and MySQL InnoDB pa

Simple Optimization of SSD hard drive on Ubuntu

Simple Optimization of SSD hard drive on Ubuntu 1. Set the correct mounting option and enable TRIM. After Linux is installed, this is very important. To maintain long-term stability and speed, SSD needs to enable TRIM, which enables SSD to truly erase the materials marked on the chip during non-peak read/write times. T

Linux SSD optimization policy

Linux SSD optimization policy 1. do not use a file system with logs. If you have the ability, consider a file system that supports ssd, such as ubifs. If not, use ext2 2. disable noatime nodiratime of the file system, because the access time will increase ssd write, there is no need to modify/etc/fstab, fo

WIN7 64-bit flagship for faster optimization of SSD solid-state drives

1, installation, installation of solid state drive when you try to choose to plug in the SATA 3.0 socket, if your motherboard with SATA3.0 so that the transmission speed faster; 2, partitions, partitions can be the same as the normal hard disk partitions, but some to remember to check the "alignment to the number of sectors in the integer multiple", and then select 4096,4k Alignment can make read write faster. 3, using AHCI mode, we directly open the computer's Registry

Baidu to promote optimization of keyword quality optimization guide

", and has a clear correlationc) Improve content richnessTo fully express the information, to avoid too short and lack of effective information, the netizen recognition of low. Such as:  Search termsBefore optimizationAfter optimizationNetwork diskFind the network disk, with Baidu network disk!Baidu Network disk, free registration, 15GB large space!Analysis: After the optimization enriched the "registration", "15GB" and other specific information, see

A5 optimization: SEO Follow the "Baidu Search Optimization Guide" the Importance of

With the increasing demand of the network market, search engine optimization technology has become a major factor in the market share of Internet enterprises, it can be said that the Enterprise keyword does not have a high ranking will not have a good sales performance. Therefore, search engine optimization "SEO" work has become a lot of it people's "occupation." Through many search engine ranking rules ana

WordPress website performance optimization guide, wordpress performance optimization-PHP Tutorial

WordPress website performance optimization guide, wordpress performance optimization. WordPress website performance optimization guide, wordpress performance optimization 1. if you select a good host, try not to use a free host or

WordPress website Performance Optimization Guide, wordpress performance Optimization _php Tutorial

WordPress website Performance Optimization Guide, wordpress performance optimization 1. Select a good host Try not to use a free host or a shared host (GoDaddy, bluehost, etc. so-called unlimited bandwidth, unlimited sites and other hosts)First of all, your domain name and your host is best in an IDC where, if not, it is recommended that you use a good reputatio

Interpretation of Baidu Optimization Guide: White hat seo "normal" operation

Hello everyone, I am the Phantom of the Rain. A few days ago Baidu SEO related words have been set up Baidu's SEO recommendations, the proposal focused on the white hat seo and black hat SEO targeted recommendations, this point in the previous article, "Baidu for SEO suggestions Friendship force pretty white hat seo" I gave you a simple analysis, Today, Baidu Search engine Optimization guide to talk about t

WordPress SEO? WordPress website Ultimate Optimization Guide

article uses the Ultimate Optimization Guide as the title, in fact, some exaggerated points, but hope to take this opportunity to engage in WordPress development and promotion of the experience gained through this article to share to everyone, as a point, if there are any flaws in the place, but also hope that we are not willing to enlighten, the so-called learning is long, Never the best only better, good

GCC compilation optimization Guide

GCC compilation optimization guide: Jin Bu Guo Copyright Notice The author of this article is a free software enthusiast, so although this article is not software, it is released in the spirit of GPL. No one can use, repost, copy, or re-distribute the statement freely. However, the author's signature must be retained and no clauses in the statement can be modified in any form or attached. You can freely lin

A summary of the personal understanding of the "Baidu Search engine Optimization Guide"

"Baidu Search Engine Optimization Guide" (hereinafter referred to as the "Guide") released for some time, but I was the first time to seriously read. To do Baidu SEO, this optimization guide is like the Bible generally. Although only a few pages, the words are not much, but

Nginx & PHP-FPM configuration and Optimization Guide (II)

Nginx amp; PHP-FPM configuration and Optimization Guide (I) This article introduces in Centos5.86.2 amp; RedHat (RHEL) nbsp; 5.86.2 LEMPLNMP environment Nginx amp; PHP-FPM WEB server configuration and Optimization Guide. Up to now, the software version is Nginx1.2.2PHP amp; P Nginx PHP-FPM configuration and

Nginx & PHP-FPM configuration and Optimization Guide (II)

Nginx amp; PHP-FPM configuration and Optimization Guide (I) This article describes in Centos5.8/6.2 amp; RedHat (RHEL) nbsp; 5.8/6.2 LEMP/LNMP environment Nginx amp; PHP-FPM WEB server configuration and Nginx PHP-FPM configuration and Optimization Guide (on) This article introduces the WEB server configuration an

The user experience analysis of "Baidu Search engine Optimization Guide"

"Baidu Search engine Optimization Guide" must be webmaster are not unfamiliar with it, but a lot of webmaster did not seriously go to see "Baidu Search Engine Optimization Guide" This Baidu official optimization guide, a lot of we

Mac OS X Lion Spotlight Optimization Guide

The newly bought MBP suddenly can't use spotlight,See this article with the inside of the shutdown Spolight and then re-open spotlight solution.Original posts Link: Mac OS X Lion Spotlight optimization Guide Spotlight is a Let me love and hate things, on the one hand he really quite good, but on the other hand, he did occupy a lot of system resource

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