statement of condition sample

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Why does the statement after a break in a switch statement do not satisfy the case condition after it is omitted? Is the basis for execution more than the case condition?

$a=5;switch($a){ case 6: echo "\$a is 6"; case 5: echo "\$a is 5"; case 4: echo "\$a is 4";} As in the above example, my understanding is that each time $ A is compared to the value of the case, the output statement is the same, and the

Javascript condition statements and loop statements

Javascript conditional statements include the following:Single condition structure (if condition statement)Bidirectional condition structure (if... else condition statement)Multi-condition structure (switch condition statement)Single condition

Python basics-condition judgment and python basics judgment

Python basics-condition judgment and python basics judgment   Python version: 3.6.2 Operating System: Windows Author: SmallWZQ So far, the programs in the basic Python series are executed in a single statement sequence. In this chapter, I will focus

"Java Concurrency Programming" 20: Concurrency new attribute-lock lock and condition variable (including code) __reentrantlock

Reprint Please indicate the source: Simple use of lock lock The new lock mechanism--java.util.concurrent.locks explicit mutex in Java 5: The Lock interface, which provides a more extensive

Java If Else statement Getting Started Guide (recommended) _java

Conditional statement, which is a kind of statement that chooses to execute according to the condition in the program, the difficulty lies in how to abstract the condition accurately in the actual use of such statement. For example, to implement the

Functions and sample code of the if else statement in python

Functions and sample code of the if else statement in python Introduction: if-else is used to determine what to do if one condition is met, or else what to do. If-else statement syntax structure If condition: Code to be executed Else: Code to be

PHP Basics-PHP programming statement-PHP Tutorial

PHP Basics: describes PHP programming statements. The following describes the programming statements in the PHP programming language. 1. a simple statement contains at most one statement per line. for example, the following is the referenced content:

Yii2.0 Chinese development wizard -- full parsing of Where condition query, _ PHP Tutorial

Yii2.0 Chinese development wizard-full resolution of Where condition query ,. Yii2.0 Chinese development wizard-Where condition query full resolution, where is essential when querying in the Yii Model. The Where method is declared as the parameter $

Application of index technology to optimize SQL statement one

First, prefaceMany database system performance is not ideal because the systems are not overall optimized, there are a lot of low-performing SQL statements. The primary reason for the poor performance of such SQL statements is the lack of efficient

SQL statement Sample _mssql

SQL means structured Query language, whose main function is to communicate with various databases. A query refers to a request for data stored in SQL. The task that the query completes is to provide the result set of the Select statement to the user.

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