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Toon Boom Storyboard Pro Function Introduction

Bitmap Drawing Tools Storyboard Pro allows you to paint directly in the software using a bitmap painting tool. In addition to the time-tested vector tools, you can draw with different styles and textures to achieve complete artistic freedom. 64-bit Storyboard Pro Technology has a stronger power in the 64-bit core. This allows you to freely use more resources on your computer, allowing you to use new bitmap techniques. Playback enhancement Storybo

Unity3d shader Cartoon Coloring Toon Shading

+dir2* (1-_factor);*_outline;o.pos=mul (Unity_matrix_mvp,v.vertex); return o;}The vertex function ends,Next, paint the StrokesIn the Frag functionExtrude the color of the contour, here the color is arbitraryThe effect is as follows:The contour is clearly profiled and can be changed by changing the value of the _outline in the material to change the thicknessThe strokes are shader as follows:Shader "Tut/shader/toon/miaobian" {Properti

Unity3d shader Cartoon Coloring Toon Shading

*_outline;o.pos=mul (Unity_matrix_mvp,v.vertex); return o;}The vertex function ends,Next, paint the StrokesIn the Frag functionExtrude the color of the contour, here the color is arbitraryThe effect is as follows:The contour is clearly profiled and can be changed by changing the value of the _outline in the material to change the thicknessThe strokes are shader as follows:Shader "Tut/shader/toon/miaobian" {Properties {_color ("Main Color", color) = (1

Study of Qt 3D (vi): Toon Shader

Study of Qt 3D (vi): Toon ShaderIn the last experiment, we implemented the Gooch Shader and gave the Gooch Shader settings that were personalized through the palette. Toon Shader, also known as cell Shader, is a discrete color to represent the intensity of the light. Many cartoons are rendered in a way that uses toon shader. The following diagram can be implement

Comparison of Toon Boom harmony and Flash features

There is a difference between toon Boom harmony and flash functionality. Harmony uses server and client infrastructure to work together in a studio, Harmony's advantage is that it is designed to analyze all the data between the Harmony server and the Harmony client in an environment where multiple users can commit to the same project. and flash none-basic facilities are not available. Toon

Non-real rendering (2) -- toon Shading

Toon ShadingIt is a simple and basic cartoon coloring method. Its main effect is to replace the gradient tone in normal conditions with a large block or abrupt change, so as to show the cartoon effect. With this rendering method, and then combined with the outline of the contour boundary line, this rendering method can also be very pleasing to the eye. The main implementation method is to calculate the angle between the normal of the current pixel an

OpenGL cg07-toon shader

This tutorial introducesToon shader)Method,Cartoon rendering is a non-photorealistic rendering or a type. Cartoon rendering an object looks like a cartoon painting. Here is a simple method for rendering cartoon effects. Unlike general light rendering, the color transition between the pixels of objects rendered by cartoon effects is a step function, the color transition of objects rendered by light is a smooth continuous function. Figure 1 compares the cartoon rendering with the pixel-based rende

Speed up software/housekeeper software/UF software/Kingdee software/Catering software/financial software database repair/Data initialization recovery

"Data Recovery failure description"Company financial personnel for data maintenance, misoperation, in the financial software to initialize the data, because recently did not do backup, it caused a lot of financial documents lost.Because the financial data is very important, the customer is anxious to get back.The data Recovery Analysis "Engineer detection, in SQL Server database Enterprise Manager, discover what the

Toon shading, step 1

Apply what you have learned. :) However, I did not set the texture coordinates based on the light intensity, but determined the color value of the current Pixel based on the light intensity. The shader code is as follows: Vertexshader//--------------

Software Engineering-software testing, Software Engineering Software Testing

Software Engineering-software testing, Software Engineering Software Testing After the system is complete, it is time to test the system. This must have been the first system of acceptance. We are confident that the system will be accepted by the master. Once it comes to the master, nothing will happen, in addition, so

Software classification (free software, open source software, public software ......)

Software can be roughly divided into: Free Software and non-free software Types of Free Software and non-free software.The following are some terms that are frequently mentioned when discussing free software. They explain which types overlap with others or are part of o

[Software recommendation] There are already a lot of professional software for development. Let's talk about the auxiliary software for development-share the commonly used auxiliary software.

In the past, I have read many articles about the top ten essential tools for developing common professional software such as. NET and. Net programmers. Today, I don't want to introduce these professional software. I want to introduce some auxiliary software that is often used during development to help us complete better development. I recommend commonly used a

Software will swallow the whole world-as long as human development software, let software command machine, all the other work of intelligent robot will help you (hahaha, after reading this I fell in love with the software, and more determined)

period, the CS is not, other industries worse. When the economy improves, CS lead. There's a representative billionaire who says, "Software will swallow the world." human beings just develop software, let the software command the machine, all other working bots will help you. You are the mouth cannon, these rich people use their own huge amount of money

Software Engineering-Software Quality Control, software architecture, and comprehensive software development experience

It takes more than two years to develop programs! Make a small summary! Status Quo, At present, many software companies in China are still working in small workshops! After receiving a project, let's discuss how to do it. After the boss decides to make a decision, let's split our heads! As a result, a project started, and everyone was busy in the early stage! Everyone has their own jobs (some companies are unevenly allocated. If there are idle people,

Linux software Manager (how to use Software Manager to manage software)

Tags: is system dependent upgrade ref Adobe Inux Director dir Most of our Linux system is a Linux manufacturer's system, so these vendors can compile some software to provide users to download, the user after downloading can be installed directly, thus eliminating the compilation of the source code and the process of various problems. At this point we can use the appropriate software manager to ope

Structure drawing in software development-software development, software engineering, project management

The structure diagram proposed by Yourdon is another powerful tool for software structure design. A structure diagram is similar to a hierarchy diagram, and is also a graphical tool for describing software structures, in which a box represents a module with the name or main function of the module; the arrow (or line) between the boxes represents the calling relationship of the module. Because the formula is

Sccm2012 R2 software distribution, Software Center Error [unable to change software]

1. An error occurred in the Software Center when I deployed the software before. (I have no problem with the configuration) 650) This. width = 650; "src =" "Title =" 1.jpg" alt = "wkiol14259didxyc5aapvod6ovpe212.jpg"/> error message: there is no space for downloading software. The download si

[Soft engineer Video] software, software engineering, and engineering video Software Engineering

[Soft engineer Video] software, software engineering, and engineering video Software Engineering I am now learning about the soft engineer video and summarize what is the origin of software and software engineering. Seeing this figure, the blur of "

National Computer technology and software Professional technical qualification (level) exam "software Evaluator"-Exam content Summary (17) Software Evaluation Development and Evaluation Division

17. Software evaluation development and evaluator 17.1 the work principle of the surveyorFor software testers, the tasks and objectives are as follows:(1) The basic goal of software testers is to find bugs, which is the first condition for testing.(2) The purpose of software testing is to verify requirements,

Software entropy: the process of re-engineering in software development is the process of increasing software entropy.

The first version of each software project is beautiful. The new project starts from scratch and all content is newly developed. Because of all-new development, there is no historical burden. The first version has very few bugs. Of course, programmers also try their best to do their best. This means that in the eyes of developers, the first version can be regarded as perfect: the code is beautiful, the design is good, and the architecture is excellent

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