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Tracking and releasing the Trojan horse-analyzing the Trojan horse's handwriting from the Trojan Horse

Two years ago, the article was taken to fill the facade. -------------------- Tracking and releasing "horse" thieves-analyze the Releaser's notes from Trojans (Author: mikespook | Release Date: | views: 545) Keywords: base64, QQ, Trojan Preface:This article is only intended to provide guidance to many cainiao like me. Here, I would like to thank Xiaojin (lk007) for its help.In the morning,

What is a Trojan horse? How to killing a Trojan horse?

1. What is a Trojan horse? What harm does it have to Internet users? A: Trojan is refers to through the intrusion computer, can be opportunistic steal account password malicious program, it is a specific type of computer virus. Trojans usually run automatically, in the user login game account or other (such as net silver, chat) account of the process of recordi

Analyze and clear the Web server on a Trojan horse

a virus. When the antivirus software detects the program, if the virus signature is found in the program, the program is judged as a virus. Hackers certainly understand this truth, so they will modify the Trojan is defined as a part of the code, encryption or use assembly instructions to its jump, so that anti-virus software can not find virus signatures in Trojans, nature will not be judged as a virus. A

Trojan Horse static variable dynamic DLL Trojan program Disclosure _ Vulnerability Research

I believe that friends who often play Trojan horse will know the characteristics of some Trojans, but also have their favorite Trojan, however, many friends still do not know the rise of recent years, "DLL Trojan" why things. What is a "DLL"? What's the difference between it and a typical

How to let other people in the Trojan Horse-Trojan horse commonly used tricks-security-related

: "How can not open Ah!" "You said:" Ah, not the program is broken? "or say:" Sorry, I sent the wrong! "Then the right thing (the normal game, photos, etc.) to him, he received after the rapturous don't want to have just happened something wrong." 3, QQ fake cheat. Prerequisite: You must first have a QQ number that does not belong to you. Then use that number to his friends to send Trojan program, because trust the owner of the stolen number, his fri

Trojan Programming-hands-on Trojan horse programming with you into the world of Trojans

Prefacebefore we have learned the virus-free technology to kill the signature code, but Trojan people are not feeling or very mysterious, then let me for you to uncover the mystery of the Trojan Horse. first, the basic knowledge1.1. Trojan virusTrojan Horse (

ASP site in the database is linked to Trojan Horse Solutions _ Trojan Related

In this paper, we introduced the ASP database is linked to the Trojan Horse detailed solution of the programming approach, the solution is divided into the following three steps: First step: Make a backup of the existing database. Step Two: Execute the following ASP file, so you can remove the JS Trojan horse in th

Remember the post-horse processing in Linux systems (RHEL6.3, Trojan Horse: linux.backdoor.gates.5)

Medium Horse Symptoms: The machine desperately outward contracted, exhausted network traffic.650) this.width=650; "title=" 1.jpg "alt=" wkiol1r-0cqwycvwaaeu7uowv64372.jpg "src=" 54/4f/wkiol1r-0cqwycvwaaeu7uowv64372.jpg "/>So check the network connection using Netstat-antuple (here the first step is wrong, because the Trojan has replaced some system commands, including netstat

Virus Trojan scan: manual scan of QQ Trojan Horse stealing

Virus Trojan scan: manual scan of QQ Trojan Horse stealingI. Preface In previous articles "virus Trojan scan and removal 002nd: manually killing pandatv incense", I basically detected and killed the "pandatv incense" virus without using any tools. After all, "pandatv incense" is a relatively simple virus, and it does n

Clean the Trojan horse program in your own computer _ security related

Trojan Horse is a remote control based virus program, which is very hidden and harmful, it can control you or monitor your computer without your knowledge. Here is a talk about the Trojan often hiding places and cleaning methods. First check if there is a trojan in your computer 1, integrated into the program In fac

Knowledge of Trojan Horse and its precaution

of the software and processes into the taskbar and Task Manager. In addition, the Trojan connection is dependent on the port to connect, so the port number of Trojans is very large, because users can not check all so multiport. But how to make a good trojan, there are also shortcomings, can be anti-virus software and Trojan

Trojan Horse code example (inside the file is a vulnerability scanner, hehe) _ Trojan Related

For a friend who often surf the internet, the Trojan horse will not be unfamiliar, open a website, inexplicably run a trojan, although the "Internet Options" in the "security" settings, but the following code will not pop any information directly run the program, do not believe that follow me! (Hint: just understand the technology and methods, do not do damage, Y

Trojan Horse and Clear Trojan in Linux server

/wKiom1kv8lKyLvyxAAUKol0KUic428.png "title=" 3.png "alt=" Wkiom1kv8lkylvyxaaukol0kuic428.png "/>7. Discovery of more unusual filesViewing the timed task file crontab did not discover anything at once and then looked at the system boot file rc.local, and there was nothing unusual, and then went into the/ETC/INIT.D directory to see the more bizarre script file Dbsecurityspt, SELinux.650) this.width=650; "src=" Https:// "title=" 4.png

Use two lines of code to solve all the Web Trojan horse (including Iframe/script Trojan)

or hanging the horse problem, this period of time, I gradually feel the pressure, the first big, through QQ or MSN Plus my people more and more, I recently my work has been busy. Hey, think about it, still need time to help everyone. Not long ago, " line of code to solve the IFRAME hanging horse (including server injection, client ARP injection, etc.)" has bee

Trojan Horse Kill the results of the big competition

students serious class, stolen Trojan horse new varieties less. This shows that hackers are very utilitarian people, will certainly not pass the "swordsman World" information film "Wulin family" the opportunity to release, will be stolen Trojans pushed to another peak. Antivirus software to protect the player account security, the key is not to kill how many Tr

Byshell: A Trojan horse through active defense

of the present SSDT table. Trojan Horse program can be in the normal order to execute, so that the ultimate active defense function completely ineffective. Tips: Byshell adopts the international leading penetration technology, using the latest kernel-driven technology to break the active defense of antivirus software. Including Kaspersky, rising, Trends, Norton

Manual and thorough removal of various methods for Intractable Trojan Horse Trojans

Many computer users often encounter a situation where their antivirus software reports discovered the Trojan Horse virus, but it was unable to clear and isolate it, or it appeared again shortly after it was cleared, which is very distressing. What should I do now?In fact, Trojan Ho

Have you installed a Kabbah computer with another card? It turned out to be Trojan-PSW.Win32.QQPass and other theft of Trojan Horse group stem 1

Have you installed a Kabbah computer with another card? It turned out to be Trojan-PSW.Win32.QQPass and other theft of Trojan Horse group stem 1 Original endurerVersion 1st A friend, as a result of a prompt from a QQ doctor, found that he had downloaded Kaspersky 8 from his website and wanted to scan and kill the virus. After the installation was completed, the c

Virus Trojan scan and removal: compilation of the dedicated kill tool for QQ Trojan Horse stealing

Virus Trojan scan and removal: compilation of the dedicated kill tool for QQ Trojan Horse stealingI. Preface as I have compiled a general kill tool framework in article 004th "virus Trojan scan: Writing pandatv killing tools, this framework is basically applicable to the virus after simple modification. Therefore, this

Virus Trojan scan: Reverse Analysis of QQ Trojan Horse stealing

Virus Trojan scan: Reverse Analysis of QQ Trojan Horse stealingI. Preface in this series of articles, if there are no special circumstances in the last part of Virus analysis, I will use reverse analysis to thoroughly analyze the target virus for readers. However, I used three articles (about 2500 words per article) for the previous "pandatv incense" virus to ana

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