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What is the employment rate of college students? What is the most useful thing for finding a job? What is the true story of postgraduate entrance exams?

-known enterprises, such as iron and steel, and kingley computers .....What about you? I don't have any experience. Why?No 2. This is what the country thinks.Isn't it necessary to expand domestic demand? Increase employment rate? The postgraduate doctor is not unemployed ..... Let's make $I also want to create a super Doctoral School. In this way, everyone will be a bachelor's degree, master's degree, Doctor, post doctor, super doctor, martyr ...... What is the true story of postgraduate entranc

Recruiting, outsourcing and job-hunting, looking for someone, finding a job, and looking for work.

recruiting, outsourcing and job-hunting, looking for someone, finding a job, and looking for work. Rai Yonghao (Http:// It's been too busy to update the blog for a long time. I wish to be a Nezha, good three heads. Busy, now the economic crisis is so serious, one side is hiring said not to recruit people, while the

How to Apply for a high-paying it job for College Students

The IT industry has always been a high-paying industry that people envy. With the rapid development of IT, the demand for IT talents is increasing year by year, and the salary of IT talents is also increasing. There is a huge space for development and high salaries, attracting more and more young people to join. However, the current situation is: on the one hand, many graduates of computer-related majors in Colleges and Universities feel a huge job pr

Gold three silver four, share your experience of finding a job

of the bitter, and how many people can experience? 14 Home for the Spring Festival, see my father's haired, bloggers in the heart said to himself, you must be strong posture to face the jungle law of the world. If it is always based on the number of years of graduation, then the blogger in the school's year is not a stone. Other people to read a few years of college, play desperate, weekend nights hotel full, daytime bedroom game sound. However, this

A few tips for finding a job: Look at the "Inside Story" of enterprise recruitment"

time-consuming, although they require "more than two years of work experience ", however, when it is difficult to recruit people who have no work experience or one year of work experience, they also have to recruit people, and they can also learn from others. If you do not have more than two years of work experience, you can try it. Finding a job often requires courage and wisdom. I am looking for several

Miss Guan Zhang Qing's feeling of "Several experiences in finding a job"

I just read Miss Zhang Qing's in finding a job Deep feelings I did everything after graduation because I didn't learn well at school (I have never met a teacher in several courses: Game training,Assemble compatible machines, repair computers, and Internet cafe network management. In fact, I still wantProgramEmployee, helpless mind out of stock. I interviewed man

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