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Borland C + + Builder special Topic

How to lose weight to table in BCB C + + Builder development experience several C + + Builder create BDE aliases at run time C + + Builder common Code Snippets C + + Builder realize online receive email C + + Builder dynamically set ODBC data

Sun Blueprint Adventure Builder Database design __ Database

Sun Blueprint Adventure Builder Database design Catalogue 1 preface .... 1 1.1 Background ... 1 1.2 Writing motivation and style ... 2 1.3 Selection of database design methods ... 2 1.4 who is suitable to read this article. ... 2 1.5

I also designed the model -- 4. Builder

However, you must have a UML to make it clear. Generally, I only remember UML diagrams. Some patterns have their own fixed implementations.Code(Only part of this interface), especially in C #, the user is even treated as a client without exposing

Comparison of C++builder and VC

Comparison of C++builder and VCIn fact, a long time ago I wanted to write this article, the reason on the one hand is because I deeply feel that C + + Builder is indeed an advanced and powerful programming tools, but more importantly, I am convinced

Web 3D technology: Flash builder + away3d platform construction (including Demo Video)

Web 3D technology: Flash builder + away3d Platform Construction Author: 1.1 dropsBeer http://beer.cnblogs.com/ Preface:As the display layer of the lab device on the page, a SwF is required as the display UI. Although Flash MX can be used for

Learn how to use C ++ Builder in a few minutes

C ++ Builder is a high-performance visual integrated development tool launched by Borland. It not only integrates most development tools, the C ++ Builder development tool also provides visual Form Designer, object observer, control board,

Design Pattern-Builder pattern and design pattern builder

Design Pattern-Builder pattern and design pattern builder Separates a complex build from its representation so that different representations can be created during the same build process. -- Design Pattern GOF In the ASP. NET environment, Insus. NET

Builder mode, similar to Viewholder construction, convenient for external class parameter setting

What is Builder mode? By searching, you will find that most of the definitions on the web are separating the construction of a complex object from its representation, so that the same build process can create different representations. But after

Use flash Builder 4 Beta to establish a flex application to connect to the remote end of blazeds

Configure the server environment: Step 1: Create a Java class called by the flex application. The application in this article uses the simplecustomerservice class, and the method of this class is namedgetAllCustomers(), Will be called in the flex

Lecture 4th: builder Mode

2005.11.29 Li Jianzhong Origin of builder Mode Suppose you create a house facility in the game. The building of this House consists of several parts and each part must be changeable. If the most intuitive design method is used, changes in each

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