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IK word breaker principle and source code analysis

Original: http://3dobe.com/archives/44/IntroductionIt is impossible to do search technology without touching the word breaker. The reason why the search engine can not be replaced by the database mainly has two points, one is in the large amount of

Chinese Word segmentation technology

Chinese word segmentation technologyhttp://blog.csdn.net/u012637501First, Chinese word segmentation technology1. Chinese participle: Last Post we talked about using statistical language models for natural language processing, and theseThe language

Analysis of open source Word segmentation framework

This article will take you together to understand the search engine mystery of an important part---Chinese word segmentation technology: mainly about the implementation of Chinese word segmentation principle and the current comparison of several

Baidu word segmentation algorithm details page 1/2

This article uses the search result inductive Analysis + Word Segmentation Algorithm The Analysis Methods describe and summarize the query processing and Chinese Word Segmentation technologies in the Baidu preprocessing phase. If you have a certain

The word segmentation system in vertical search engine

Introduction to the framework and implementation of Word segmentation system---This article is suitable for readers with good concept of search engine (original)keywords : Search engine, participle, LuceneThe domestic vertical field of e-commerce or

Good php Word Segmentation System-PHPAnalysis no component Word Segmentation System-phpanalysis no component

Good php Word Segmentation System-PHPAnalysis no component Word Segmentation System-phpanalysis no component When collecting the beauty Model Image Library, You need to perform word segmentation on the title. After searching for a long time, you

Title: Re-posted: "Kingsoft word overlord" screen word Extraction Technology (Discussion Draft) (17 thousand words)

Title: Re-posted: "Kingsoft word overlord" screen word Extraction Technology (Discussion Draft) (17 thousand words)Sender: 5,555Time: 9:30:12Details: Word Extraction Technology for Kingsoft (Discussion Draft) Topic screen word Extraction

Customizing word clouds with Python

First, Experiment introduction 1.1 experimental contentIn the Internet age, people access to information in a variety of ways, a lot of information poured into people's eyes. How to extract the key information from the voluminous information and

PHP output Buffer controls output control series functions detailed _php example

Overview Previously studied PHP input and output buffer, but after the blog moved, the original article can not find, today saw a good article, by the way reproduced over. Brief introduction When it comes to output buffering, the first thing to

Word vector (wordvector)

reference:http://licstar.net/archives/328 (A comparative study of word vectorsOrigin: One-hot representation, PCA sequence: Why is NLP more difficult in pattern recognition?Licstar's article begins by saying that language (words, sentences, chapters,

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