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How to quickly create a worksheet directory for an Excel workbook

We often keep the same kind of related Excel worksheets in the same document so that we can reference and view them among the tables. When the work in a document is expressed to a certain number, it becomes cumbersome to find the worksheet that you

Excel VBA cracking worksheet/workbook protection Password

When editing files in Excel, if you do not want others to modify the file content, we usually add a password to the worksheet or workbook to protect the file. What should we do if we download an Excel file from the Internet with a worksheet/workbook

Select Excel Worksheet in workbook

You can select one or more worksheets in one workbook and enter data, edit, or format them. Usually we can only work on the currently active worksheet, but by selecting more than one worksheet, we can work with multiple worksheets in the workbook at

Java excel Workbook API

Java excel Workbook API1. int getNumberOfSheets ()Obtain the number of worksheets (Sheet) in the Workbook, for example: Jxl. Workbook rwb = jxl. Workbook. getWorkbook (new File (sourcefile ));Int sheets = rwb. getNumberOfSheets (); 2.

Workbook + Excel services

A collection of applications and services that provide end-to-end solutions for creating and sharing business intelligence using Excel and Sharepoint. Workbook is integrated with Excel and Sharepoint. In an Excel environment, workbook for Excel

Workbook control spreadsheet object method event details

1. activecell: return the range read-only object representing the active cell.2. activesheet: returns the read-only worksheet object representing the active worksheet.3. activewindow: return the window object of the current window.4. activeworkbook:

C # operate an Excel worksheet

Add reference: Microsoft Excel 11.0 Object Library;Add: using Microsoft. Office. InterOP. Excel; ★Open an Excel file ============================== Microsoft. Office. InterOP. Excel. Application excel1 = new Microsoft. Office. InterOP. Excel.

Excel uses VBA to crack a worksheet/workbook password

Download the workbook online, found that there is a password!xxoo, since put on the Internet why to add a password ah?! Later on the internet to find a way to use VBA to crack the worksheet password, to share. First, when you try to open the

VBA Object Model of Excel worksheet

Worksheet class and object of Excel VBA Project 1. worksheet classes and objects when creating a workbook: 1. Create classes and objects: 2. Class and object names: 2. Modify codename: 1. codename is read-only during running, that is, during

C # Copy an Excel worksheet as is

In Excel, worksheets are part of a workbook, a workbook can consist of one or more worksheets, and a workbook can be said to be an Excel document, and because of this, the copy of an Excel worksheet is divided into two types: copying within the same

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