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What does 502 bad gateway mean? 502 bad gateway error Solution

You can try to clear the browser cache and access your FTP to see if you can log on Cause A server (not necessarily a Web server) serves as a gateway or proxy to meet customer requirements (such as a Web browser or our CheckUpDown robot) to access

Be playing bad PHP

Category: Life Talk Time: December 23, 2015 Today is also inspired by the sudden inspiration, write a php-related feelings, but also as a two-year multi-PHP programmer feeling it. When it comes to PHP, it's just some pretty witty stuff, and it's

CentOS System nginx+php5.5 PHP-FPM Common 502 Bad Gateway solution technique

Server normal operation 2 months, the day before yesterday the whole station suddenly appeared 502 bad Gateway, all pages are not open, using the NGINX+PHP-FPM mode.Server situation: This server traffic is relatively large, PV around 300,000 per day,

Why is PHP uncomfortable for large systems? _ PHP Tutorial

Why is PHP uncomfortable with large systems. I have been developing PHP applications for the past four years. PHP is indeed very easy to write. However, PHP also has some very serious defects. Next I will give my reasons why PH has been devoted to

502 Bad Gateway (PHP angle to analyze)

1th: Resource problems caused by request_terminate_timeout if the value of Request_terminate_timeout is set to 0 or too long, it may cause file_get_contents resource problems. If the remote resource requested by file_get_contents is too slow,

Why is PHP a concentration camp _ PHP Tutorial?

Why is PHP a concentration camp. This article is translated from WhyPHPWasaGhetto. One day I chatted with the boss of a great startup company in DUMBO and talked about Why non-PHP developers generally translated this article from Why PHP Was a

Why is PHP a concentration camp?

Why is PHP a concentration camp? one day I chatted with the boss of a great startup company in DUMBO and talked about why non-PHP developers generally despise the PHP and PHP communities. He put forward a point of view that impressed me a lot

Several PHP server architectures are strongly recommended!

Several PHP server architectures are strongly recommended !!! I found a good article and introduced in detail several architectures of the current PHP Server. I specially reprinted it. I strongly recommend it !!? Nginx + PHP + PHP-FPM (FastCGI) on

Fundamentals review: Why use the PHP framework? _php Tutorials

PHP has become the world's most popular scripting language for many reasons: flexibility, ease of use, and so on. But usually only in PHP or other language coding will appear monotonous, repeat, this time requires a PHP framework to replace the

Is the PHP namespace really bad?

One of the most important new features in PHP5.3 is the introduction of namespaces. Before that, PHP developers had become eager to implement namespaces in PHP. When PHP applications start to become huge and more complex, namespaces are essential

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