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Grub for DoS

is described in the example of floppy disk simulation. 1. Simulate a drive letter (such as C :) on the hard disk as a:, and boot Win98 from drive C: Map -- read-only (hd0, 0) + 1 (fd0)Chainloader (hd0, 0) + 1Rootnoverify (hd0)Boot The above (hd0, 0) is the C:

Use Win2000 boot menu to implement Windows family

partitions are selected for your hard disk partition, the system supported by Win2000 may be difficult to estimate. However, this is not the focus of our discussion. We will discuss how to install dos6.22, Win32, Win95, Win98, winme, winnt4, win2000. or you can add WINXP.Q: In the past, multi-system software had to be re-partitioned (mainly divided into several primary partitions), while my hard drive only

Install software in Linux

called "Master auto-lifting Record" (MBR, Master Bootstrap Record ). If Linux is only for personal use, it is best to set three partitions: 1) root file system 2) swap 3)/usr File System Because the DOS Fdisk does not know how to set partitions in other systems, you can enable the DOS Fdisk to partition and install DOS, and then use the Linux fdisk program to set partitions in Linux. In Linux, you can install primary partitions or partitions in extended partitions (multiple extended partitions

Linux Software Installation _unix Linux

Linux partition, execute it. If you want to uninstall the Linux partition, restart the Win98. If the Linux partition is hung every time the Win98 is started, write the installation command into the Autoexec.bat file in the C: Packing directory. 7, how can Linux know FAT32 partition? Go to to download a FAT32 patch. 8, can be installed as a Linux and NT

Win98 Registry Application 50 cases-Registry use of the Ten-_ registration Form

Moderate 000004d6 Larger 000009AC Prefetch DWORD 4x 000000E4 8x 000001C0 16x 00000380 24x 00000540 32x 00000700 Want to play the modified effect, you must use 32-bit CDFS system, please rest assured that Win98 has been used, in order to insure, to see if the system uses 32 bits, as mentioned above, to Win98 set the CD-ROM cache, and then select the last tab "Troubleshooting", as long as the inside

Hardware knowledge collection

operations, such as frequent writing, deletion, copying, and pasting, And the partition where the operating system is located (usually the drive C), there are usually many file fragments, it is appropriate to sort out these partitions frequently. However, if you only store fixed audio files such as MP3 files and videos such as movies copied on VCD, frequent disk sorting for these big data partitions would be an extra step, there is no improvement in

How hard disk partitioning works

Gb product of Seagate's 7th generation. In order to facilitate management, it is divided into four areas: C, D, E, and F, among them, Windows 98 is installed in the system partition drive C, Windows 2000 is installed in partition D, and partitions e and f store a large amount of important data. Due to a problem with the 98 system, the author enters WIN98 and runs ghost to restore the system. When the restore process runs to 40%, the system displays a

How to partition the hard disk _ other related

you have to set up a logical disk in the extended partition so that the operating system can access its contents. For example, if you allocate all the space for an extended partition to a logical disk, the logical disk created from the extended partition becomes the D: disk. Here, you must note that the extended parti

How to partition a hard disk

disk in the extended partition before the operating system can access the content on it. For example, if you allocate all the space in the extended partition to a logical disk, the Logical Disk created using the extended partition will become D: disk. Here, you must note that a logical

Hard Disk troubleshooting skills 4

I. Determination of common hard disk faults Generally, hard disk faults can be divided into hardware faults and software faults. Relatively speaking, hardware faults caused by software are complicated because hard disks involve system software and application software, but the solution is sometimes relatively simple, for example, if the main Boot Sector is illega

Guide to SATA hard drive setup [an article useful to friends who use SATA]

SATA port. Raid: A disk array (default value) can be created for the hard disk on the SATA port of the motherboard ). You only need to adjust the priority of the serial and parallel ports according to the actual situation to use the SATA hard disk normally. (From the options above we can see that here the S-ATA hard drive can still be understood as ing to the P-

A variety of computers do not recognize mobile hard disks, and computers cannot recognize mobile hard disks.

the system. Other programs in the system are accessing the data in the mobile hard disk, resulting in read/write operations on the mobile hard disk. To close all programs that operate on a mobile hard disk, it is necessary to close the virus firewall and other software in the system when a mobile hard disk is popped u

LILO and partition Q & A (2)

========================================================== ==================================Q:I want to install WIN98, WINNT, and LINUX on two hard disks, one of which is WIN98 and the other is WINNT and LINUX. WIN98 has been installed and I don't want to reinstall it. How can I install WINNT and LINUX.A:First, make sure that the primary hard

Exploration: how to retrieve the original partition after the ghost Partition

a C disk. D, E, and F disks all have no information. Ii. Careful analysis After a problem occurs, I immediately analyze it. Considering that ghost has the ability to automatically partition and format data when restoring data, I know from my practical experience that it only changes the data of the startup sector, and the actual data should still be there, so I started my recovery process. Iii. Start recovery 1. Back up the Partition TableFirst,

Interpretation of Lilo. conf and production of Self-boot CD

-level boot loader, that is, install WIN98 first, then install WINNT, and then install LINUX,Now I want to remove lilo, but keep OS LOADERGuides WIN98 and WINNT tools,I don't know if I can use WIN98 FDISK/MBR. If not,Instruct the younger brother how to do this.A: 1. boot you

Dual-system installation and startup principles

Let's talk about MBR (primary Boot Sector) and System Boot Sector:The primary Boot Sector is located at the first of the hard disk and is responsible for searching the partitions that can be started by the hard disk. for DOS, it is generated by Fdisk, and the system

One step at a hard disk partition and size adjustment

of which partitioning software is used, we should follow the following sequence in setting up partitions on the new hard disk: establishing the primary partition → establishing the extended partition → establishing the logical partition → activating the primary partition → formatting all the partitions (Figure 1). Second, use FDISK to partition The simplest partition software is not "Fdisk" in "Windows

You can reload your Windows 98 in 5 seconds.

Recently, I found a good plug-in on the Internet. It can reload a Win98 in five seconds, so that you can have 9 Win98 at the same time in two minutes! Even better, you can quickly switch between these Win98 instances without restarting the computer. In addition, each new Win98 instance only occupies 5 or 6 MB of hard

System Startup Process

information each time they are started.Step 10: After the escd is updated, the startup code of the system BIOS performs its last task, that is, starting from a floppy disk, hard disk, or optical drive according to the boot sequence specified by the user.Step 2: Take starting from a hard disk as an example,1. The syste

Happy Learning Linux Virtual Machine VMware

After studying linux virtual machines for a long time, I would like to share with you that you have certainly gained a lot after reading this article. I hope this article will teach you more things. Due to learning needs, my machine has always been a dual-system boot (Win98 and RHLinux9.0 ), every time you switch the system, you will inevitably need to restart the machine, and then select the system to be s

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