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Reproduced Windows 7 original image/Installer in Win PE cannot create a new system partition or locate an existing system partition

Format c disk for NTFS format Unzip the ISO installation file to find the boot, BOOTMGR and sources three files to the C packing directory, or copy boot, BOOTMGR, create a new folder in the C drive sources, Copy the from the sources

How to install and delete ubuntu9.04 and Windows XP on a hard disk to completely delete win7 and remove the startup items of Windows 7 Installer (very simple)

Delete ubuntu9.04 from hard disk installation I tried and tried on XP It should also apply to win7, because the original author said it was under win7. (See below) Vista has never been tried. It should be okay. Prerequisites: There are both ubuntu8.0

Master must know 70 basic tips for Windows 7

Win7 is better than Vista because it has a lot of new features. Unfortunately, some of these features are not easily discoverable, so we create a list of some of the most important tips and tricks and introduce them to you step-by-step.   1.

Turn: Write the installer with Delphi

Http:// has not personally verified it, only the collectionWhen you have completed the development of an application software, then you need to do a standardized installation program for the software, which is the final

Oracle comes with Universal Installer uninstall problem

There is a problem with Oracle's Universal Installer Uninstall: Dirty, incomplete, and some registry residues that can affect subsequent installations. Therefore, it is recommended to manually uninstall Oracle.1. "Win+r", "services.msc", turn off

[Share] Windows 8 little-known 50 tips

According to foreign media reports, there is still some time before the official version of Windows 8 is released. However, the Windows 8 Developer Preview version has shown us many new features, it includes a variety of Metro user interfaces,

Win 7 System Boot Acceleration Complete Introduction

Now speed up the win 7 system boot speed has always been a hot topic, there are many ways to spread the network, the triple tutorial for everyone to organize some speed up the win 7 system boot speed method, in the next few days, will be released in

Tips for 50 Windows 8 applications

Windows 8 Consumer Preview Build 8250 has been released, and this version is a relatively mature version. I believe there are a lot of installation experiences, the following are some tips for using Windows 8.   1. Lock Screen   After the screen is

Windows 8 getting started and detailed tutorial

 1. Lock screenAfter the screen is started, you will first see the screen lock page of Windows 8. The screen lock will appear whenever the system starts, recovers, or logs on. If you are using a touch screen device, scan your finger and enter your

[Tips] To create a dedicated Windows 7 ISO image that belongs to Dell XPS 13 (9350)

MacBook Air, the Dell XPS 13 and Thinkpad X1 Carbon are a great example of design excellence in lightweight notebooks and are sought after by many users. But for Windows Camp notebooks, there's been a bad rumor lately: the Intel 7 Series CPUs only

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