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Several writing methods and efficiency Summary of for loop in JavaScript

Every JS developer is inevitably dealing with the for loop. After all, this is one of the essential tools for traversing. However, when the number of cycles is large, the efficiency issue must be emphasized. The following article mainly introduces

Writing several character-saving statements for the for loop in js

In javascript, the for loop is very commonly used. The syntax is as follows:For (var I = 0; I Var a = arr [I];//...    }This is a common for loop with positive Order. The disadvantage of this writing is that it is a waste of performance to compare

Writing a For loop and a while loop case with the shell

(1) difference between single and double quotes in the shell?? A= "Www.jfedu.net"?? b= ' $A '? Echo $BComments:?Assign the www.jfedu.net to variable A, assign the contents of variable A to the variable B, print out the result of the variable B, and

PHP for loop notation and examples

The For loop is one of the most recent looping statements, and in any language, there is this looping statement, which is also a common loop method in our work.Syntax rules:for (EXPR1; expr2; expr3) {The code to execute}Expr1: Indicates where the

Dark Horse programmer _ Use of loop statements

Use of loop statements Loop, as its name implies, is repetition. in C #, it is repeated to do something, that is, to execute a piece of code. in C #, there are only three loop structures: while loop, do while loop, and for loop; in fact, the

While loop statement, Do-while Loop statement, for Loop statement text tutorial detailed

the format of awhile loop statement: 1. Format: while (condition of the loop) { loop statement;} 2, while the Loop statement to note matters:1) The While Loop statement is typically the number of times a variable is controlled by its loop.2) The

157 recommendations for writing high-quality code to improve C # programs--recommendation 17: Loop traversal with foreach in most cases

Recommendation 17: Loop traversal with foreach in most casesSince this recommendation involves the traversal of a collection, let's consider how to traverse the binding before starting this recommendation. Suppose there is an array whose traversal

ORACLE-34-IF statement, Case statement, loop Loop, while loop, for loop

One, if statementIn PL/SQL, keywords such as if, then, else, elsif, endif are used to perform conditional logicSyntax format:if conditions 1 Then Statement 1elsif conditions 2 Then Statement 2Else Statement 3End If; Example 1: Practice If

Javascript: For loop from entry to partial door, efficiency optimization, strange usage

For Loop is a very basic JavaScript knowledge, but because Javascript is too flexible, there may be some writing that causes beginners to crash. I decided to explain the For Loop in a simple way. It would be helpful for new users who are still new

Translation of Writing idiomatic Python (a): If statement, for loop

The opening crap.This is a very good book on Amazon in the United States, in fact, strictly speaking, this may not be a book, but a booklet. Like the title of the book, the content is mainly about how the native Python code is written in some

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