A bug about System.Windows.Forms.DateTimePicker

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Today received feedback from customers, said their system can not query the February 2017 bill, because there is no way to choose February 2017, there is no way to choose February??? , immediately open VS, run the system, should be last year's system, test data is also last year, on the February 2016 data, all OK AH.

Let the customer remote, operation to me, I will not superstitious, a remote also really, January and March can choose and input, but February, whether it is manual input or select input, is a failure, hell. Disconnect remote Local tried, true input failed.

Tossing a morning, is not found any problem, is it the hell? Direct degrees Niang, see February 2017 is not really haunted, 29 days? Not 28 days? Did you go through, or did you go crazy? Good is 29 days. Alas, Microsoft did not expect the truth to be broken in the 28 days of February.

I'm using a. Net4.0,datetimepicker configuration is custom, yyyy mm month, showupdown=true

And then reported to try the mood, try to set the format to yyyy mm month DD day, found February time input no problem,

Set Showupdown to false,2 month time input also no problem,

Set Showupdown to True, format to yyyy mm month, February Enter and select Page no problem

It appears that only the Showupdown is set to False, the format is set to yyyy mm months when the February will not be able to choose the situation.

The workaround is to set the custom display to yyyy mm DD day, and then shorten the control so that the customer sees only the month and year portion.

I don't know if there's any other way out. Want to know tell the next.

A bug about System.Windows.Forms.DateTimePicker

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