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The role of the soft text has a lot of, which help the site SEO optimization role is only one of many functions, soft paper, but also need to know how to do, even if it is written a very good soft, if the corresponding operation method is not correct, it will greatly weaken the function of soft, then want to improve the site SEO optimization effect , it is more difficult to achieve! The following is the author to analyze the soft text to optimize the site's several skills.

One: Soft text optimization site is a long-term process

Now many stationmaster to the function of the soft text commonly exists one erroneous zone, that is to write a two soft Wen will be the site to enhance the weight, keyword rankings up, so desperately through a variety of platforms to find the ashes of the soft writing master to create a powerful optimization of the utility of soft, but the result is often difficult to achieve their goals, Even if it is a high price to buy a soft article, just publish a two articles, it is difficult to achieve the weight of the site to upgrade.

Website optimization is a long process, just like rowing, go backwards, so the use of soft Web site SEO optimization, also have to fight for a long time to prepare, even if it is one day their own web site ranking to Baidu's homepage, it can not think that they have achieved success, can only say that at this stage has been successful, If you don't stick to it, your site rankings will have a downward risk. So in the use of soft Web site SEO optimization, should adhere to the weekly release of three to four pieces of high-quality soft paper. This is the first core of soft-text optimization.

Second: Soft text content and its own website content to have relevance

Soft content should and their website content has a close relationship, such as the author's website is monopoly Jack Jones brand Shop, then the content of the writing should involve Jack Jones stores or Jack Jones and other related keywords content, soft text title has Jack Jones this keyword, At the same time soft text inside the small title will also have a corresponding Jack Jones long tail keywords, such as Jack Jones where to buy? Jack Jones how much money and so on, soft content to write the real natural, should not be that simple straightforward advertising articles, but that kind of help to consumers content.

Soft article in the Site SEO optimization, is not simply to get high-quality site outside the chain so simple, but through the introduction of traffic, through the reduction of the site bounce rate, increase user clicks, enrich the content of the site, so that can fundamentally improve the weight of the site, the relevant key words can get the essence of Ascension, Because now the search engine algorithm, has paid more attention to the weight of the user vote, in other words, a site's traffic, jump rate is low, a long time to stay on the web, it shows that the site is more users like, so Baidu and other search engines will focus on the recommendation, the site will upgrade the ranking

Third: Soft text release is also a skill

The ordinary soft article publishes, either uses the way of submission, or a professional media to carry out the release of the general free, but to be subject to a lot of restrictions, want to bring traffic to the site and increase the weight of the possibility of relatively low, and through the money to contribute, it can make soft wen play more effect, For example, the relevant long tail keyword optimization, keyword optimization, website traffic promotion and brand Word-of-mouth promotion and so on, so I think, in the soft text release, should choose Professional media to send.

Of course, simple money to spend weak text, does not necessarily make soft text to get more results, and even bring some risks, such as you choose to publish the site, if someone else through the black chain optimization into the high weight of the site, once such a site is K, will be compromised to your own site, Visible for the published site must be carefully screened.

The author's experience is that each release of three to four weights has a low to high site, first of all, write their own high-quality soft text posted to their website, and then first reproduced to a lower weight of the site, wait until Baidu included, and then reprinted to a higher weight of the site, and so on, and finally published to the highest weight of the portal site. After the author's verification, such a soft text release way, the highest price, the weight of the speed is very fast, even if it is their own website does not row to the home page, then in the portal release of the soft text, will also be ranked on the home page. This can effectively improve the keyword weight and flow import effect.

The above is the author's summary of the relevant soft article in the promotion of SEO site experience, in fact, are some details of the processing skills, not difficult, the key to adhere to the correct operation of ideas, can play the real effect of soft text. The above content by car cushion, url: admin5 start, reprint please keep the URL, thank you!

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