Differentiation and selection of technologies, professional technologies, and industry technologies in career planning

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My personal understanding is as follows:


 Technology:I understand it as a general technology, such as forums, blogs, and portals. They can be used wherever they are needed, and may only need a few modifications.

Professional Technology:Such as finance, manpower, production arrangement, ERP, and sales management. You are familiar with a major. For example, Kingdee and yonyou are financial software providers.

Industry Technology:Such as GSP software for sale in the pharmaceutical industry, Word Segmentation technology for search engines, and automatic automobile assembly. This type of software can only be used in the same industry.

We generally learn the first general technology. To a certain extent, we can consider differentiation.

1. Continue to use general technologies. Generally, you are working on a variety of projects and are familiar with various industries, but not very familiar with them. Most of them are well investigated. You are most involved in design and some research, then develop

2. Switch to professional technology. If your company often works on a certain type of project, you may become a professional expert. For example, you are very familiar with the financial system and internal financial processes.

3. Switch to industry technology. This is probably the most common. Most of the molding companies only focus on several industries, such as manufacturing, automobile, and telecom. They can provide a full set of systems required by this industry, from manpower to portal to production and sales.

As for which one you want to choose, depending on the current situation of your company, your personal hobbies will increase from 1 to 3, it is more about communicating and validating requirements and providing solutions, rather than designing and coding.



The differences between the second and third are described below:

2. They are professional. For example, any company has financial services. This is similar in most companies (in China), such as human resources systems.

However, a company is not only financial. For example, a chemical plant and a pharmaceutical factory cannot have the same system as they need. In this case, if a company can provide a full set of solutions, it is the third type. For example, some companies are very familiar with the textile industry and can provide textile companies with all the solutions (or most of their core business systems) from manpower to production, sales to supply chain, to company portals ), this is not a professional, but an industry.

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