Discrimination seo potential hidden dangers: "Second-hand domain name" or for the Invisible killer

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With the Ministry of Industry constantly in the domain name record on the fuss, "second-hand domain name", especially the filed domain name market increasingly hot up. It is characterized by a small amount of money to solve the problem of the domain name record, but also to get a often for nearly a year the right to use the domain name. But is the second-hand domain name really so good to take? Seemingly readily available filed domain name in the use of the process is more likely to make the results of labor is more, even directly caused the site to lose in the starting point. Why do you say that? If you are ready to buy second-hand to record the domain name, then may wish to binary to the second-hand domain name some analysis research:

One: The value of the Internet grey record number

The site is difficult to record is always bothering the webmaster's heart disease, and in the Web site is also the operation of which sites do not have replaced the server? But if you follow the ministry's rules, the replacement site must change the report. But its audit speed is really not satisfactory, especially the existence of a large number of "rapid record", but also the speed of the delay again. This gray record number produced, go where not to record, you can continue to operate the website. Even operators simply emphasize that access can be made as long as there is a "record number", and there is no emphasis on the need to change the access side. Thus, the gray record is more popular, its significance is more "convenient." In the end, it is not the webmaster who is unwilling to return, but the social and policy does not give force.

second: "Second-hand record domain name" will eventually be doomed

Although the second-hand record domain name makes the website on-line does not need to wait for the examination patiently, but has its disadvantage eventually. First of all, second-hand record domain name aside from the Ministry of cleaning up the gray domain name will be due to the lack of space and closed the site. Even if on the other hand, if the filing owner to apply for "cancellation" for the record, or other sites for the record of the domain name implicated audit, will likely cause the site suddenly closed. And at this time, the larger the site, the loss is destined to be larger. Therefore, the webmaster if the long-term plan is not suitable for the purchase of gray domain names. Building a station is not a matter of a day or two, even in the pursuit of success on the road, the more mistakes the more the risk is greater. Second-hand record domain name, the prospect is not very optimistic, webmaster you are still ready to buy second-hand record rice?

Third: Easy to be killed by search engines in the starting point

Because is the domain name which other people uses, therefore in the search engine will have the massive information which the domain name. Say you buy the domain name is down the right of a URL, and buy such a domain name, in search engine optimization undoubtedly more trouble. Even bad luck, the purchase of the domain name by K is not worth the candle. Save the time of the website record, but again the optimization on the big fee, but also bring a lot of potential hidden trouble, worth it?

4:2 hand domain or exist a large number of 404

Buy second-hand record domain name, first of all certainly to do their own station. Therefore, there will be a large number of 404 errors, although there are 404 error page settings, and even 301 of directional to reduce its adverse effects. But in quantification, it will still be identified by search engines as "unfriendly". This is why the webmaster even when registering a common domain name, check whether the domain name has been done station, and what the reasons for the site. Every day there are a large number of people in the registered domain name, but also has a large number of domain names are deleted, the cautious registration of domain names is in fact very necessary.

The above view only for the binary network to join hands with professional website construction company Pilotage Technology (www.joyweb.net.cn) held, stationmaster Heart should clearly have a clear idea of gain or loss. Understand gains and losses, see the long-term, MO let second-hand record domain name become stealth killer. This may hinder the interests of rice farmers, but more should be focused on the knowledge and responsibility of seeking truth from facts. In addition, the policy does not give force, but also to create second-hand record domain name is so popular one of the reasons, but also the focus. I do not know when the issue of the end of the record, then can solve such hidden dangers.

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