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With the more in-depth understanding of SEO, more and more feel doing SEO, but the CEO's heart. Because the operation of a Web site is based on the operation of a company, which means you have to understand how your company works, how your site works. Not from a technical point of view, from the operation of a website, you have to understand the industry, you have to understand the product, you have to understand the company, and so on, of course, the understanding is not simple to know how it is, we must use, in-depth to understand, such as Shi Yuzhu now day also drink brain platinum, Sometimes a few days to shut themselves in the house to play the journey, only when a product is very understanding of the time, we may do a good job of precision marketing, we may seize the industry changes, leading the industry change, in fact, today's main want to share is how to seize the industry change.

To tell you a case of industry change, the art of signing the industry, a friend of the site ranking is quite the front. Some of the core keywords are all ranked in front of the search engine, and lead the industry for a long time. But recently, being surpassed by others, traffic is greatly reduced, I observe these lines in front of the site in terms of hard conditions is definitely better than my friend's site. What domain name age, outside the chain, included, PR and so on are from my friend site has a distance. But why is there a situation that has been overtaken? In fact, now the SEO situation has been too complex to be analyzed from these surface data? But now many do SEO friends will only from these data to analyze. Once your site in this area of data beyond the competition, ranking has not come up, confused, do not know what the next force should be made? Is this the most frightening thing to do?

Many people may also say that the user experience is good, in fact, the word user experience is very vague, we can not find very convincing evidence. In fact, the result of my observation is that the industry has undergone great changes, the previous art signature is charged, but now there is free. Do you say that if you are a user you will choose to charge, or will you choose free? Obviously, we will choose a free website, which is very obvious, the user's choice is the search engine choice. The reason why my friend's website's ranking has dropped, it will be very clear. Then we either follow it for free, look for another profit model, or die. In the traditional industry can see this, mobile phone elimination PB machine, MP3 out the light Butterfly, DVD elimination VCD completely with the Internet the same situation.

This case is the industry change, if we can not stand in the industry angle to see, only standing in our small SEO circle, seo technology angle is impossible to find this problem. If you do not find the problem can not solve the problem, this is related to the direction of the company's development, if the industry changes, the company's development direction is not also to be adjusted. Sometimes we do SEO when it is possible to lose in the company's operating level, such as free games and fees to compete with the game, people who do free game seo is very easy, if you are charging to do SEO may be difficult. Because free is a quick way to attract users, it is hard to develop user groups. The future of the site SEO is to spell who's user groups more, this is the company level of operation led to the failure of the SEO. This is what I said earlier the operation of a Web site is based on the operation of a company.

So how are we going to guide this? Industry change or how to seize the changes in this industry? First, if we lead the industry to change, once we succeed, we will be the leader in this industry. Secondly, if we catch the change in this industry, at least we will not be eliminated by this industry. So how do you do it? First of all, to understand the industry, to see the trend of the industry, at a suitable time to do this thing. To seize the change in this industry may be relatively simple, as long as we observe the first place, or the emergence of the site has what kind of characteristics, except cheating. Analysis of what features to make his ranking up, and then we also put this feature into our site, so that our site will not be eliminated.

Perhaps when you hear here, will really feel that SEO really want to understand things, to learn too much too much, I particularly against the kind of a new company to do SEO, will not understand the company, will not understand the company's products, will not understand the industry. This kind of situation SEO how can win? I am also particularly opposed to the company in the recruitment of the time to write an optimization program, which is also an unreliable thing, because a person does not understand your company, the product does not understand, the industry does not understand, the user groups do not understand, this scheme has what application value? It's just a piece of paper.

Finally, I hope everyone in doing SEO, do not only stay in a technical level, the vision to relax a little longer, because only in this way you will go the long-term. Article content from Zeng Xiangmin SEO blog, a very good content, with you share, if feel helpful, then share to more friends, thank you.

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