Dry: Latest Smart home industry information and data download

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Dry: Latest Smart home industry information and data download

Routinely share the most up-to-date information: Smart home industry Information and information Daquan, the document is too large, this document to everyone to share the "weak system program", interception part of the content to write, if you do not know the place can go to the Network Technology forum to download the full version, or add group to get more information and answer questions: 813238832

Figure A
More information download Link: https://bbs.usoftchina.com/thread-198925-1-1.html

Sample of weak current system design scheme
First article
The second sub-system solution
Chapter One structural integrated cabling system
Chapter II Security Monitoring and security protection system
Chapter III background music and emergency Broadcasting system
Fourth. Satellite and Cable TV system
Fifth chapter automatic Garage management system
The sixth chapter remote Automatic meter reading system
The seventh chapter intercom system
Chapter One structural integrated cabling system
Chapter II Security Monitoring and security protection system
Chapter III background music and emergency Broadcasting System PHILIPS
Fourth. Satellite TV and Cable TV system

Programme overview
Limited liability company is one of the largest intelligent building system integrators in the country, and has rich experience and excellent performance for intelligent building system integration. I believe that with more than 150 projects of practical experience with my company's strong technical strength, will be able to successfully complete * * Garden of weak systems engineering.

Building overview
The project is an apartment, catering, entertainment, parking as a whole, and has communication automation (CA), office automation (OA), Building Management Automation (BA) of the comprehensive building. 3 Floors Underground, 27 floors above ground, of which the podium 3 floor. Underground three floor for parking, underground one to the ground three floor for dining entertainment, four to 27 storey apartment building.

Design goals
Smart Building definition
Intelligent building with the progress of computer communication and automation control technology and gradually developed with each other, is the modern building technology and advanced intelligent technology of the perfect combination, it through the building of four basic elements, namely structure, system, service and management, as well as the intrinsic connection between them, in order to optimize the design, Provide a reasonable investment and high efficiency of elegant and comfortable, convenient, high security environment space. It is characterized in that it uses multiple information transmission, monitoring, management and integration of a series of high-tech, through the comprehensive configuration of the various functional subsystems in the building, based on a structured integrated cabling system, computer network system as a bridge, the building of equipment automation systems, communications systems, business management systems, The office automation system, as well as the smart card system, multimedia audio-visual system, integrates into an integrated Computer Management system to implement comprehensive management, monitoring and control within the building.

Program Design Principles
According to the needs of users and national and regional information development planning, building intelligent subsystem design should follow the following basic principles:
From the reality: according to the needs of users and the overall consideration, select the appropriate intelligent system products, to ensure that the various subsystems can be better through the performance and price of the hardware and software devices to achieve network interconnection.
Openness: The integrated system should be an open system, the process of system integration is mainly to solve the different systems and products, the standardization of the indirect port and protocol, so that the intelligent building into the global information Network open.
Advanced: In the premise of the existing needs of users, and consider the future development, so that the program to ensure that the business center can be built into advanced, modern intelligent building.
Integration and Scalability: Fully consider the entire intelligent system involved in the integration of the subsystems and information sharing, to achieve decentralized control of each subsystem, centralized and unified management and monitoring; the overall structure is scalable and compatible, and can integrate different types of advanced products from different manufacturers.
Standardization and structuring: The programme is conducted in accordance with relevant national and regional standards.
Security, reliability, and fault tolerance: Intelligent systems throughout the building must be highly secure, reliable, and fault-tolerant.
Service and convenience: adapt to multi-functional, export-oriented requirements, pay attention to convenience and comfort, to improve work efficiency, save manpower and energy.
Economy: In the premise of realizing advanced nature and reliability, it achieves the optimum design of function and economy.
Compatibility: Fully compatible with the user's original system, protect the user investment, and further expand the structure, function and performance.

Dry: Latest Smart home industry information and data download

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