[Focus] Beijing Science and Technology Expo next year-Children's smart education product exhibition (Main Exhibition Area)

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[Focus] Beijing Science and Technology Expo next year-Children's smart education product exhibition (Main Exhibition Area)

In the field of early childhood education products, we have seen many traditional categories such as learning machine, review machine, story machine, and reading pen. For product positioning and selection, Iot platform has its own ideas-instead of upgrading traditional categories, it insists on creating new products and making products with a spirit of mutual experience. Luka picture book reading robot with computer vision, voice interaction, and natural language understanding was born as a new product. Currently, intelligent children's products have become a major trend, children's smart products have sprung up and are widely accepted by the public. However, there are no relevant industry organizations in China, and the development of the industry is in a disordered competition, it is urgent for industry organizations to guide and promote the healthy development of the whole industry. The children's consumer market has always been a must for sellers. It is reported that there are about 0.3 billion million children under the age of 12 in China, and 85% of family children consume up to or over 30% of total household expenditure. Data shows that in 2016, the amount of consumption in the children's consumption market was about 2 trillion yuan, which has increased year by year. The market prospect is promising.

Exhibit scope:
Intelligent toys: block toys, intelligent assembled toys, Smart Story machines, remote control toys, wooden simulation toys, intelligent companion robot, toy robot, children's drone, DIY series, etc.

Smart wearable products: Children's smart watches, children's smart phones, children's smart wristbands, smart anti-Lost shoes, Smart Security schoolbags, smart apparel, smart wearable headphones, etc.

Smart Living supplies: smart electric toothbrush, smart thermometer, smart crib, smart baby mattress, smart night light, smart desk lamp, smart bottle, smart cup, smart diapers, wearable baby monitor, smart monitor, children's washing machine, children's air conditioners, children's soybean milk machine, children's microwave oven and other household appliances for children

Popular Science products: Popular Science products, animal and plant models (specimens), telescopes, microscopy, and other scientific observation experiment products;

Smart stationery: Smart tablet, smart learning machine, smart children's TV, smart piano, reading pen, smart student card, smart campus logo, children's projector, 3D pen printing, ar early education products, VR teaching all-in-one machine, etc.

Maker education and curriculum: STEM education and curriculum; robot education and courses, robot education ×××, children's programming education, 3D printing equipment and applications, VR virtual reality, ar augmented reality and other application technologies, lab maker courses, maker education products, maker space design, 3D maker classroom, virtual maker, animation, etc.

Exhibition fee:
1. RMB 15800/Booth (3x3 = 9 m²)
Standard Booth decoration plus RMB 1000 Yuan/square meter

2. Light-ground Booth (minimum 36 m²)
RMB 1600 yuan/square meter
Additional RMB 1200/square meter (including decoration fee, declaration fee, exhibition design and production fee, data fee, conference fee, etc)

Contact person: instructor Zhang
Mobile: 18500520392 ()
Email Box: [email protected]

[Focus] Beijing Science and Technology Expo next year-Children's smart education product exhibition (Main Exhibition Area)

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