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Often meet some friends with peers, excitedly talk about how to do the site, how to do SEO, but talk about without exception, they will feel very confused, because for some time will feel some difficult to adhere to, there are too many problems, and these problems are obviously not so easy to solve. So I use a word to guide them, I said, to do sustainable SEO.

What is sustainable SEO? This means that when your ranking is delayed, you still have enough strategies and methods to deal with it, and eventually you can achieve effective results, rather than three minutes of heat, three days of fishing two days, encounter problems to avoid, self-pity leads to difficult to achieve results. In this process, which problems will seriously hinder the enthusiasm of practitioners and lead to the inability to achieve sustainable SEO it? The author roughly Combs, there are several:

 1, completely do not understand the code and procedures, think as long as the chain can do a good job ranking.

Currently engaged in the SEO industry in the crowd, a considerable number of people are in the late, and is in a very casual time to enter the industry, before also did not contact the site, not to do the site, they do not understand the program, the basic HTML can not see. But by chance, they are seoer and happily wandering around in the industry. This is not a minority. Their concept, SEO as long as desperately the outside of the chain can be sent. It is said that the masters are like this, so they should also do so. One day, when they found themselves toiling for months outside the chain, but the site ranked no progress, their beliefs collapsed, and outlook on life collapsed. They suddenly found that SEO is really not the case. In fact, they may not even have the basic structure of the site well, there are a lot of problems, but they do not understand, or feel that it is too complex and unimportant, it is ignored.

Look at your side do seo people, completely do not understand the most basic code of the number of people? How many people do not know how to modify the structure of the site to do basic optimization in the station? Think SEO is crazy hair outside the chain of people how many? After seeing these shocking status quo, the understanding of the current practice is evident.

 2, the operation of the website, there is no stable source of content.

Many people operating information sites, every day very hard to copy and paste articles everywhere, blindly and their own CTRL key. But the final regret found that the content of the collection rate is very low, the rankings are very poor. Want to do the so-called false original bar, but we all know, that kind of pseudo original software with keyword replacement way, finally make the article even immortal I also read do not understand, completely without readability, such articles put on the website, user experience how bad all can be expected. But there is a webmaster will say, to completely manual to false original, efficiency is too low, a day can not get a few, and if you want to own original high-quality content, it is more unrealistic, one day is not easy, don't say a lot. This problem worried a lot of webmaster, may include you are reading this article.

There is no doubt that there is no stable content source, can not maintain a large number of content updates, the site is also a lack of stickiness. At present, there are three effective methods to solve the content, the first category is to completely spend money to invite a large number of original manuscripts, such as large-scale portal sites, such as many commercial industry sites, are so. Have a dedicated team to create content. Such a type suitable for a certain size and economic base of personnel, the general small stationmaster obviously cannot do. The second category is to do a good job with the user interaction, relying on users to provide content, such as forums, and some sites rely on user contributions to the original manuscript, such as A5, Chinaz, such as webmaster sites. These sites rely on the initiative of users to provide content, obviously can effectively solve the problem of lack of original content. The third category is the technical talents of NB, they through their own technology, through a certain means to solve the relationship between collection and inclusion, and can provide a good user experience, but also to achieve effective collection and ranking. Of course, technical talent is also very difficult to imitate, the threshold is too high. Webmaster can learn the second category, study how to allow users to actively provide high-quality content.

 3, only outside the chain theory, but the execution power is poor.

Undeniably, the current ranking mechanism, the role of the external chain to lift the weight of light. So many people through a variety of means, including artificial, software and other ways to release the chain, which is currently the main source of blog or forum irrigation and garbage posts. But outside the chain is a physical life, very disciplined people's patience. So a group of impatient practitioners, slowly feel very tired of this kind of daily mechanical labor. They had a lot of momentum in the early days, but they didn't feel like they were going to go on. Take it slow and give it up. In the author of a training group is so, a year ago, we started to learn SEO, a year later, but also adhere to do SEO people are not many, the general problem is, do not know how to do outside the chain, or do not insist to do outside the chain, so give up.

There is a saying that success is a simple thing to do repeatedly. Perhaps, you feel that hair outside the chain is very boring very simple things, but day after day, year after day, you can continue? Execution is important, stick to it, and you will succeed.

Here, the above three is the most common problem, and the next three kinds of subjective attitude, compared to not as important as above, so a little description.

 4, less practice, to the Web site.

Because now online on the SEO tutorial is too much, many people casually looked at some, then feel that they have completely mastered the SEO, but not through long-term practice, until the real time to get a website, do not know where to start. For this group of people, it is recommended to start from a simple blog, detailed understanding of each of the factors affecting the ranking. And so the complete experience from not ranked to the top of such a process, on how to optimize the site, will form their own set of operating system.

5, Yangaoshoudi, ranking a drop of mental collapse.

And the problem similar to the previous, some people have been very confident, all aspects do well, but, one day suddenly found the ranking down, suddenly feel Girew, the future is slim. Faith and confidence have been completely gone. Anxious and bewildered. In the final analysis, the results are too much, but forget the daily practice. Practice more, improve yourself is the kingly way. When there is a "cup", you must be calm. Calm, calm, or calm.

6, too much care about other people's analysis and other people's attitude, they have no ideas.

Such practitioners, daily life in the eyes of others, ranking up, he hoped that the world's people know that he will show off in various groups, he will be on the QQ and each webmaster said. And once the rankings are down, he will say, "Ask for advice, or analysis." Whenever I met someone asked me to analyze the reasons for the site down the right, I secretly want to scold you big ye. A website is like own child, if stationmaster oneself do not understand words, how others may know. If the right to the first to understand the situation is the stationmaster himself, others analysis can only be based on specific circumstances, give a point symbolic suggestions. Others do not know what the webmaster has done, and sometimes a little bit of operation may be fatal error. Therefore, after the proposal to encounter problems, as far as possible to analyze to think, do not go to ask others, it is possible that he was scolding you.

The above outlines several factors that may affect SEO sustainable development. The next step will be to do more detailed analysis of these factors, welcome attention. This article is provided by Wuhan Seo@ Liu Dan, the website, welcome to retain the link reprint,

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