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As the author of the dark horse blog group, I often hear questions from potential customers. Is the blog group Black hat SEO? Will a group of blogs be sent to k sites? To answer this question, let's first look at what black hat SEO is.

1. What is black hat SEO?

To determine whether our operations are black hat SEO, we must first understand what black hat SEO is and reference Baidu encyclopedia's definition of black hat SEO:

Black hat SEO means cheating. Black hat SEO does not comply with mainstream search engine release policies and regulations. The main feature of black hat SEO profit is its short frequency and fast cheating Method for short-term benefits. At the same timeAlgorithmAnd face punishment.

No precise definition is available for both white hat SEO and black hat SEO. In general, all cheating or suspicious means can be called Black hat SEO. For example, hiding webpages, keywords, junk links, and bridge pages.

From the above description, we can see that the blog group does not seem to comply with the characteristics of the black hat SEO. Let's look at the chain cheating tricks commonly used by the black hat SEO:

External links cannot be extended by exchanging links. There are many places where external links can be obtained. For example, blog comments, webpage comments, message books, forums, etc.

Blog cheating.

Blog is a highly interactive tool. Over the past few years, the rise of blogs has become a blessing for the new manufacturing link of black hat SEO.

1. Blog group cheating:

Common blogs in ChinaProgramFor example: zblog, pjblog, bo-blog. Early zblog, pjblog because developers lack knowledge of SEO. Zblog and pjblog once became a frequent place for black hat SEO. The bo-blog program seems to be able to give the black hat SEO a chance.

2. Blog group fraud:

Cheating on creating a blog group is to apply for a large number of blog accounts through a program or human means. Then, by posting some links with keywordsArticleTo promote the search engine ranking of keywords through these links.

Well, you must be surprised when you see this. What are you doing? It is clearly a black hat SEO and it will definitely be on the K station. Don't worry. In fact, these theories conflict with our actual behaviors. Let's continue to look at them.

Ii. Conflicts between reality and Theory

However, if we judge whether we are black hat SEO by "theory", all our webmasters and seoer may be black hat SEO. Because extension of external links is required by all our webmasters and seoer.

1. blog comments, webpage comments, and message book:

If I tell you that I have never brought my own links to others' blog comments or article comments, do you believe this? I think you will say how many times seoer tells you that when you send comments and comments to a blog or website of the same type, your keywords or links will be weighted, right? If you have done the same thing as me, it is in line with the theoretical characteristics of black hat SEO. Are you in black hat SEO?

2. forum signature:

When you are studying, communicating, and bumping in forums such as A5, lazy, and seowhy, what is your signature's keyword link? This is also in line with the theoretical characteristics of black hat SEO. Are you in black hat SEO again?

3. Create and post a blog:

I have seen many Seo articles that suggest creating blogs manually and sending blog posts with links to improve rankings. I think there are still a lot of webmasters and seoer working on it, right? Yeah, but I didn't use any software. All of them were manually operated by myself. It was definitely not a black hat SEO! Unfortunately, in theory, you seem so pale and powerless. Are you still in black hat SEO?

3. Name a group of blogs

Where is the problem? Why are our actual behaviors and theories self-contradictory? In fact, your behaviors are not wrong, and there are no theoretical errors. If we are wrong about our understanding of the theoretical definition, we must first understand the definition of the theory. if the definition is correct, all actions are not valid.

"The main feature of black hat SEO profit is short frequency and fast" is the real definition of black hat SEO, which is short, frequent, and fast. What is short? It is a short time. What is frequency? Is frequent. What is quick? That is, fast speed. That is to say, if our extended external links are generated quickly and frequently repeatedly in a short period of time (for example, thousands or even tens of thousands of external links are generated in a day, and the next day continues generate or add more ), that's the real black hat SEO. Our usual blog comments, website comments, Forum signatures, blog posts, and other operations are generated on a non-short, frequent, and fast basis, and we are not black hat SEO.

To sum up, the same is true for mass blog posts. If you use mass blog software to send a group of blogs with short, frequent, and fast features, then you are in the black hat SEO, and it is inevitable that you get K websites. However, you are the right type and step-by-step only to use the blog group software instead of your mechanical work. You are not a black hat SEO and will never be K-station.

I advise those who insist that they are not blackhat Seo while manually building blogs to send blog posts and reject the group of blog software. Let's just wake up. If you manually pass the "volume" operation, it is also in the black hat SEO, and the same "volume" software will be black hat SEO. If your ranking increases significantly during manual operations, use software to replace your mechanical work. If you maintain the same "quantity", the effect will be the same. And your hands are liberated to create more value!

It is a good Seo strategy to adopt the Boyang website. However, there are some skills to develop blogs and blog posts.

In the blog Group Sending software, Blackhorse blog Group Sending is the most Seo-savvy blog Group Sending software, with a higher success rate and efficiency than other similar software. Many functions are innovative. The free version is available with powerful functions. We recommend that you download and use it.

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