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Make a summary and list your experiences and opinions over the years. Some words may touch your personal nerves, but they are not malicious.

Designers like to think the world is beautiful and the society is harmonious, but these are just aspirations. The real situation is that designers will always encounter many objective problems in their personal growth and career development, in the face of problems, personal IQ and EQ become very important.

Sharing some of my views with you will help you continue to improve yourself with a more peaceful attitude.

About the company:

    1. There are only a few good companies, and most of the rest are not very good, but fortunately there are some good people for your support;
    2. In today's Chinese society, you can find real friends from the company's design team;
    3. The nature of the company depends on the nature of the customer. The nature of the customer depends on the needs of the market. Therefore, designers must first understand the needs of the market;
    4. There are many people with ulterior motives in the company. When someone challenges your abilities, you should also be able to shut up;
    5. Qianqianma should not stay in the scorpion group and choose the platform that best suits your abilities, rather than the one with the highest salary;
    6. Never believe that headhunting will introduce you to the best job. Good and bad. You only need to try it;
    7. Make achievements in other companies and in their own fields;
    8. There are "people", "talents", "excellent people", and "scum" in the company. You can select the team you want to stand for, as long as you can bear the consequences;
    9. Outstanding leaders focus on development and profit, qualified leaders focus on performance and systems, and ignorant leaders focus on flattering and rights, and handle them as appropriate;
    10. Your design is great. It seems like an artist to the company, but the company will falsely call you a "designer", "engineer", or "artist ". Our expectation is that this situation is changing, but we have not seen the outcome of the change.

About individuals:

    1. You are a designer, not a fighter, and need affinity;
    2. Stand up first and then break down. When talking about others' works and opinions, first reflect on yourself and think more;
    3. Everyone starts from scratch. If you meet a friend who asks for advice with an open mind, you can help. If you don't have time, let us know. Even if you really want to respect others;
    4. Don't bring your personal emotions into any occasion, it's naive;
    5. Designers do design for people, not for themselves, or for friends to praise;
    6. Design, plan, and integrate capabilities;
    7. The design does not have to be superior, but it is a social work type;
    8. Do not be complacent about your previous achievements. You must keep learning and improving, and be humble. Because hard disks are bad, networks are broken, and works are copied, only your thoughts and abilities can be taken away by others;
    9. Low-handed eyes are mainly due to the lack of knowledge, and the prominent reputation is mainly due to the accumulation of thin hair, designers should not be impetuous;
    10. Even if there is no designer, society will run as usual, so you need to reflect your value, rather than simply asking for it.

About life:

    1. In any case, family members and friends are the most important. Do not ignore them or their friends because they are busy with projects;
    2. If you feel that you have no idea, you can raise a dog first;
    3. It is best not to design it on weekends. Just relax where you think it is worth it;
    4. Health is the most important thing;
    5. If you find that nothing can be done after you leave the computer, you are not a good designer;
    6. Whether you agree or not, making money is more important than designing;
    7. Female (male) friends who love you with your heart will give you a lot of unexpected inspiration and concern;
    8. The most important thing in life is trust and communication, and the same is true in design;
    9. Designers should not only know things related to art;
    10. Designers like perfection, pick thorns, and comparison. Please do not do this in your life.

About Industry:

    1. there is no real industry in China's design field, but there are circles, and this circle is very small.
    2. entering the circle may also be isolated. It is all about your mentality and actions.
    3. the design industry has the same potential rules. Don't get it wrong, not in the entertainment industry.
    4. understanding leaders in the industry, learning their ways of doing things and communication skills, and designing them depends on their own, but growing up depends on promotion.
    5. if one day you step down, you will find that the industry is far away.
    6. building your reputation in the industry depends on your personality. Designing works is just a channel to know you.
    7. If you actively participate in the construction of the industry, the industry will reward you, but the company is not necessarily;
    8. strive to meet more outstanding people and let them know your excellence so that the hero can recognize the hero.
    9. but when two heroes are together, they must deal with the distribution of benefits and friendship.
    10. if you think the industry is not helpful to you, it also shows that you have no effect on the industry.
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