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I net dream, contact the computer 3 months time, is a net rookie, Internet in addition to have the ability to watch movies and play games, other nothing.

March 2012, I operated in Zhejiang for many years of auto parts shop due to personal mismanagement, and ultimately helpless "close". It was a process of falling from heaven to hell, and from there to nothing, I faced a 26-year-old man who had never faced anything. Like most people, at this time I am a bit decadent, some confused, I began all night surfing the internet to play games, Shangye shop, Bubble Bar, although in the eyes of many young people nowadays, such a life is their envy and love of life, as long as I experience the people will understand, in fact, this is just an inexplicable emptiness, is a stage where you don't know what position you are defining and placing yourself in. That time, I must put myself "whole" very tired to be able to dream peacefully, but the dream will always emerge a lot of the shadow of the past.

I don't know if you feel this way, when you meet something that's going well, you don't always go on. Because of the failure of the business, the girlfriend who talked for a year also broke up with me because of the family's persecution. In essence, women are realistic. In this way, stay in Zhejiang no longer feel boring, so I carry luggage back to their hometown.

May 2012 I have no intention of browsing the site at home when I found an article about SEO, so I seriously read up, do not look good, a look on the deep attracted me. So I started on the internet to look up a lot of information on SEO, after a few days in the mind of collation and analysis, I came to the network of the future is SEO, mainly reflected in the two points:

First, SEO is the lifeblood of the future enterprise

SEO is the use of their own search engine to understand, through a variety of ways to make your site or your published information ranked front, (here said before is the first page). The information in the front is likely to let online potential customers find your contact information, and then promote dialogue, and finally become your customers. On the other hand, we also know that no matter what kind of products or services, customers are the lifeblood of the enterprise, without a customer source enterprise is unable to develop or even unsustainable. With the development of the Times, China's competition is more and more fierce, some industries even to the white-hot point, can be sure that the future enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, we must find ways to develop customer sources, and from this I can draw the conclusion that SEO is the lifeblood of the future enterprise.

Second, SEO is the network to refute the benefits

Now in the online world, a lot of people every day to publish unfavorable articles to businessmen, some of it is true, and some are out of nothing. The author believes that in the development of more and more netizens in the future, SEO is the network of the rumor, if the enterprise found on the network on their own defamation, can be through the SEO technology will be adverse remarks, so that the truth will always be the first to show in front of netizens.

Network entrepreneurial celebrity Ma also said: E-commerce is the future development trend, if you will not SEO, you will have no business to say. Popular understanding, that is, after the large and small enterprises and individuals without their own e-commerce platform, it will be eliminated by the times!

Learn the way of SEO

Realize that this is an opportunity to do immediately, so I began to search on the network to learn the platform and information of SEO. Do not enter this line really do not know, this line of people are doing their own projects, they will not teach you, and there is no time to teach you. To teach YY platform is also a variety of, but most of the fees will be taught, the quality of teaching is not the same level.

At this time I feel a little bit blind, a lot of problems poured into my mind, 1, do not know where to learn? 2, pay to learn to teach the use? No one suggested, no help, can only testing, after selection and access to information: The founder of Shanhui is China's SEO industry leader, and they have entities of the company, very authoritative. So I began to pay in the interest of the YY channel to learn, the imagination is always better than the reality, into the benefit of the study, I just found that there are too many people learning, a class of 100 people, a teacher and a monitor is responsible for. Teacher in the evening lectures, there are problems only in the afternoon 3 to 5 points in the class monitor Question Time to the monitor questions, ask how, in two hours, this monitor how can solve 100 person's all questions, SEO New people should be clear, in our just study time must have many questions need people to help answer, And the problem is not answered, we also do not have the next step to learn and operate, finally is helpless, I and most people like to give up, and then I went into a period of confusion, sense of thousands.

Failure is the success of his mother, this sentence is ugly, but the end. If you choose, don't give up lightly. Later, after a friend to learn in the benefit of learning to love SEO, into the platform I was surprised to find that this is a completely free teaching SEO platform, although the people are not very much, but the sun teachers speak of easy to understand, very suitable for such a newcomer like me, So I began to study here, and joined the platform of the Learning Group (244901223), in the 2 group of teachers will share some knowledge to us, we have problems can also ask questions in the group, to be solved and help.

To say the real words, this year this free and willing to share knowledge of the platform is really not much, looking back to see their own road, not difficult, but did take some detours, into some dead alley. Think about it, their exposure to 80141 is lucky, but also hope that through their own sharing, so more like me to learn seo new benefits!

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