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I am also a professional SEO optimization staff, SEO development to this stage, the individual is not much qualified to criticize it is healthy, I can only say that I see the status quo and feelings. When I open a few pages with an ordinary user's gesture, I can find these have been or are in the SEO site is the end of this, the site's most fundamental problems are all ignored, 51 exceptions to the emphasis on the accumulation of keywords, in the navigation bar, in the footer, In the article title without exception of the blunt list of a row of keywords.

I have a rookie SEO forum, spare time to help new people, yesterday a rookie into the group to ask me how to cheat search engine, how to cheat to get the best results, which let me very shocked. He proudly cut out a picture: is a picture of the company, which piled up 10 of invisible anchor text, he was proud to tell me that Baidu has included this page, and then asked me if there are other ways of cheating. I could not help but sad and uncomfortable, and then a good scolding, made very unpleasant. Such SEO rookie is definitely not only such a. There are a lot of rookie let me recommend SEO experts, they are willing to pay these masters to their Web site brush Alexa Rankings, it does mean a lot? More like a kind of the golden goose, the precarious approach. From these events you can see how many of the SEO industry currently exist some phenomena.

SEO's fundamental purpose is what and do not talk, SEO itself is only tools rather than purpose, in order to let search engines better find our site, in order to reduce the workload of search engines This is the most fundamental purpose of SEO. If you talk about reality, through SEO to get the traffic from the search engine, it should also be based on the premise that our content is really useful to the users. Search engine spider is a logic program alone, it can not judge the content of the quality of the product, this is its particularity. When a real user to provide help, serious operation of the site does not meet the search engine spider taste mouth, we provide excellent content and product services so that users can not search, and then we want to do SEO to improve the situation, get a better ranking, this is the most reasonable SEO.

Do SEO also how much understand the SEC (search Engine Cheat), search engine deception can get faster and more benefits, so the SEO began to deteriorate, a large number of seoer began to devote all their time to the SEC research, in this process, SEO began to deteriorate. Now rely on SEO profit, in addition to some of the famous brand standing, few people do not cheat, do not drill search engine loopholes, not manufacturing spam. Search engine from the beginning of the boycott to now basically are welcome seo, because good seo is in helping him find better content, for its users to provide a better experience. Baidu and Google have issued their own webmaster Optimization guide, which is the search engine on the performance of SEO welcome, but also hope that the search engine to live in harmony with the SEO, and common service for users will. SEO industry Most friends think Baidu is very repulsive to SEO, I do not think so, SEO through improper artificial way to affect the objectivity of search engine results, the user caused deception this will certainly escape punishment.

I don't think there's much difference between running a website and a traditional business, as if you're going to be a restaurant, opening a restaurant is going to have to advertise and solve the problem of how the customer comes, and then what the guest is doing should be solved. How guests come is how you want to promote, let others know you open a shop, open the restaurant where the guests come to do what you need to make the best service. If the food in your restaurant is terrible and the service is bad, appearance and very broken, and then you through a variety of improper relations to cheat, get a lot of certificates, what is the name of snacks are stars and what, guests to find that you improve the food and service is not so, you will always lose this customer and create a worse word-of-mouth spread. The restaurant may not be so broken, others may eat a meal, in the Internet world, it only takes a second to close your Web page.

This example is not an image, but it is straightforward. In the SEO industry, because of the independence of the industry, so do not only make a stink of your own reputation, but also the reputation of the industry, outsiders look, SEO originally is so simple, the original is cheating, which has a lot of this kind of seoer credit. Their own understanding of SEO is very superficial, that SEO is just to do keyword rankings. In fact, keyword ranking is only a small part of the overall project SEO. The most serious overlooked is the user experience.

Another some bad phenomenon also promote the SEO industry unhealthy development: it is a variety of grades of SEO training, all kinds of cattle and nose to fly the SEO experts, the SEO industry is original, just beginner rookie very easy to be fooled, and the SEO set up a completely wrong cognition! A just into the SEO industry people, Do an independent blog about SEO, want to open training, cheat new people. Many independent bloggers have contacted me, let me cooperate with the training, I really laugh non-stop, with what to train people, with a cheat? I have reason to be extremely repulsive to such acts and phenomena. SEO industry in the next few years will continue to heat up to reach a new height, the formation of a real industry. From the trend of internet marketing, a variety of large training institutions, "SEO engineers" through the National authority of the certification examination can be seen, before this, the industry itself is the continued benign development is very important. This is not the embodiment of a broad human mind and insight, but, only benign industry, normative market, all the seoer from the possibility of profiting from, to survive, or SEO can only become a minority of plaything, the development of deformity.

To sum up, China's SEO industry, the strange situation probably contains the following aspects:

A, SEO optimization back to link spam led the era of cheating;

B, actual combat experienced SEO talent is extremely scarce;

C, good and bad SEO training institutions flying;

D, open a blog to start providing SEO services;

E, SEO experts individually, did not guide the development of industry norms, contribute very little;

F, SEO false experts through a variety of ways to mislead new and outside cognition;

G, a person SEO personnel to open a pile of software to pick a company, a team;

H, the extreme disrespect to copyright, intellectual property, to reach a moral flaw limit.

This article is almost over. Not grumble, not resentment, nor teach what SEO surprise big secret, if I share, are just sharing the practice of some small SEO experience tips, did not let you keyword one night on Baidu first skill, it is not SEO all. Hope that the SEO industry can be healthy, standardized development, the formation of market-oriented, so that each of us seoer can be happy to do their own work, to achieve their own value. Article by the Rookie SEO forum Webmaster original release, hope that the industry's friends reprint for me to leave a connection, to now have not eaten lunch, thank each reader.

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