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There are a lot of webmaster friends to understand SEO as a very simple thing, in fact, love stars think that the idea of a friend is very proficient in SEO optimization, or just in the introductory phase of SEO. Why would you say that? The so-called people are not difficult, difficult, if a person's grasp of the very thorough, then naturally he will feel nothing, very simple. Conversely, for those who just understand the SEO some of the fur, in that yell SEO so that the webmaster, in fact, is the natural experience and did not reach the corresponding height, nature can not see the depth of water shallow.


A lot of people understand SEO just stay on the surface level, that it is just a way to improve the ranking of the site, feel as long as the usual more articles, and then do some more outside the chain, so that the ranking of the site went up. Then ranked in the search engine's home page, every day to look at the ranking of the site, and then a simple site to maintain the success of the maintenance. In fact, SEO is really so simple? If we understand this is wrong, SEO is far from the imagination of such a simple, if you are so understanding, it can only explain that you are still in the initial stage of SEO. SEO actually has a lot of work to do, now is an integrated marketing era, and we have to do is not only those entry-level job.


When we do SEO, we should first from the perspective of customers to consider the issue, rather than from the site in search engine rankings to do SEO, we adjust the overall framework of the site, expand the content quality of the site to enrich the user experience. And each qualified seoer should start from own website characteristic, the website code optimizes, better to cater to the target user's liking, simultaneously should each visitor's data analysis, to the Visitor browsing page as well as the length of the website stays time to formulate the corresponding strategy, The user as our God to treat, entry-level SEO is to do the site to let search engines like, and really SEO is to do the site to make users like.


SEO is not to send some articles, do some outside the chain of this short-sighted behavior, SEO More is a strategy of accumulation and implementation. From the beginning of the construction of the site to start their own set of SEO strategy into, from the site's overall structure to promote the site, each site is built to want more users to understand themselves, these are seoer should be taken into account. When each of our webmaster friends put users in the first place, less over the promotion of the way, will mind more on the site itself, then we will and search engines to get along peacefully, do not have to worry about our site will be search engine k off.

Through some of the above SEO view, we also think that SEO is so simple? The view of SEO depends entirely on its height. If we still look at the original point of view, the simple SEO understanding for the article, do outside the chain, then I can only feel sad. SEO is a need from the overall framework to plan their own site, the need for a holistic implementation of the rules and ideas. If you do not have a set of SEO ideas, then for you SEO is really very simple, at the same time you will always be in a passive position, because the search engine every adjustment may affect you.

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