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I work in Zhengzhou for nearly a year, do site optimization This piece has also been 4, 5 months. First of all, I like this piece. Just beginning contact is also from stationmaster Net and stationmaster of home, see others Experience 1.1 point slowly grow and accumulate, now oneself do not say much high level, at least build station, optimization plan oneself all have some cases. However, the author is now confused, today I combine their experience to give you analysis of the reasons:

1. The owner of the site is too simple to understand -think a person can be done, but also quickly with the effect. My first website optimization work is a affiliate website. The company has just set up, I went to the time the company's website has been built (build station company). Do SEO are clear, site SEO planning best before the construction station. But now the site optimization in Zhengzhou most of these are. At that time we total 3 people, because they have Taobao shop, basically are their own website. The website is imitates this one profession to join the brand the website, the others company has operated for more than 10 years. It's difficult to imagine, but the boss doesn't think so. The boss wants to let two or three months on the effect, of course the boss's effect is to find franchisees online. I arrange my own work plan, content creation (pseudo original), the site is filled, basically get one months, in fact, many products are only passed pictures. Basically one months down, not too popular keyword also row good. However, there is no franchisee, the boss also did not raise the meaning of wages, often our work is not recognized by others, he thought you every day in front of the computer lazy.

  2. The boss to SEO does not matter-is the individual can do, cheat is you just graduated. This is my interview, is a network marketing company. At that time to listen to their company profile, very good. I thought it was Zhengzhou Lotus sister and the birthplace of Fengjie, and their boss after talking, I had an epiphany. At that time we group interview, and I interview site optimization is also a person. Mister asked us about the work, we are all the same, graduating nearly a year, that a friend was in the warehouse management. After all, I have some experience, want to own a little advantage, then the boss heard a word, I killed, Mister said, website optimization to promote this piece, there is no experience, as long as willing to learn. You can go to work tomorrow, two sentences will be sent away. I was very unhappy at that time, site optimization in their eyes, so eazy! is an individual can do, but also predict the future of the work, but I still went for a half-day, because I know is not and I think the same. I ask my colleagues who have been around for a while, that is, every day from other sites to get several articles, sent to another website. and open their website.

3. The website optimizes oneself to be disappointing --we should know the real website optimization clearly. I work in a hospital now, do website optimization. It can be said that the hospital in this piece of investment is still very large. I heard the supervisor tell me how to do it. Summary is, preemption keyword location, get a title, from other sites to collect content, regardless of the content and title said is not consistent. For example: the title is Zhengzhou treatment of odor surgery how much money? The content does say treat the folk prescription of the odor. Then stack the keywords. This is the street ads, now moved to the Internet. I am, I would like to ask the so-called SEO master, this is called SEO? Not the low threshold of SEO, you put him down. What you do is not SEO.

In the face of these, I am very helpless, I think many and I like SEO friends have the same confusion as I do. Oneself only constantly to make friends with really like SEO, SEO must hold a regiment. We are on the road. Bless all who dream and hold on. Like SEO friends can add me qq:84297873

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