SEO you can "cuckold" but better not wear black hat

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In the SEO industry, there are a lot of means can be optimized, but there are many do not conform to the search engine mechanism standard means. This method is called Black Hat. SEO industry in Wuhan has a lot of people use this technique. Then I'll tell you, l'm going to die faster. This only represents my own opinion. There are still a lot of people to use this method, this is to have just entered the industry, the choice of which path depends on your own to judge the degree of risk and return.

  First, reasonable risk judgment

White Hat SEO is concerned with the long-term benefits, through time to lay the foundation and then harvest the results. When your site is stable and profitable, your reliance on the cable engine will be much smaller! You don't have to spend a lot of time on the website at that time. and black Hat SEO do is to find a program linked, signature everywhere hair. And then wait for the cheque to be collected. But I admit that black hat Seo method of earning money has its own advantages. In the premise of throwing away the moral concept of this method has a lot of the same industry to adopt.

  Second, as the SEO provider of the bottom line

If you put a black hat on your website and hang it, no one will blame you. But if you act as a provider and use a black hat on the client's website, you must first make it clear to the customer. Risk and speed can not coexist, this allows your customers to choose the choice. I had a friend who had suffered a great loss during this period, and he had a very high price for a list, but the time required was very short. In the interests of the blind he chose black hat without consulting with customers, in the specified time is indeed the site is up. But after a period of time to receive the penalty of the search engine ... After the tragedy and entanglements are not described.

 Third, the contribution of the spirit of Black hat SEO

We SEO practitioners know that the bottom line of the search engine is who gave it? You should know that. In these dedicated black hats to explore our bottom line, is very valuable experience. There's no way they're going to come out in front of us where we will have this avenue of sunshine! So the Black hat SEO that doesn't violate the law is not a bad thing for our industry. My suggestion is, if you want to try, take your own website to do. To explore his bottom line, you may play a certain group of help.

 Four, do a good white hat must know black hat

Many people see here that I think it's good to write a black hat, explain here. In fact, if you want to do a good job of white hat don't know black hat, then it is nonsense. What is the technique of black hat, avoid we inadvertently use this technique. Follow the good to find his rules. It is like hiding the word, once discovered, it is to kill and not be forgiven. Although the black hat effect increases quickly the cost is also low. But once you're punished, your entire site may never be in the dark. The experience and experience of sitting in a white hat is a lot, and when you see his 1.1 growth, it's the same as watching your child grow.

Here I want to say maybe you do seo this industry is a moment of fun or how, you can try. If you are in the time as a career, the proposal step by step and steady. After a very long time, you will find that your hands of the site can be high quality things can be called assets (the original if reproduced please indicate the source).

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