Small and medium-sized enterprises break through 42 million mailbox only 10%_it industry

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According to Radicati Group, iresearch, the company's users are expected to grow to 164.5 billion/day at an average rate of about 20% per year by 2011. However, according to the Time Network (, the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises are still in the growth stage, the level of information is relatively lagging behind, only about 10% of the SME users use the Enterprise Post Office, which with the large number of small and medium-sized enterprises formed a sharp contrast.

The Enterprise Post Office can make the enterprise fast and efficient exchange of information or data, improve the efficiency of enterprises. Time network to remind customers, enterprises can combine their own characteristics, matching the appropriate enterprise post Office and its value-added functions, to tailor.

Anti-spam Features
At present, China has become the world's second largest spammers after the United States. The increasingly rampant spam has already seriously affected the enterprise's network marketing activities. Enterprise Post Office using a professional antivirus engine, the realization of online real-time anti-virus function, with a powerful anti-spam system to ensure that enterprises get green mail communications services. such as the Time Network Enterprise Mail intelligent Spam Filter using the international leading artificial intelligence simulation technology, computer simulation of the human brain to identify spam "fuzzy judgment" process and four layers of spam filtering technology, anti-spam success rate of more than 99.8, a comprehensive refuse intrusion, so that you no longer be plagued by spam!

Global mail delivery is a guarantee of smooth international trade
The mainland mail users in the letter to the overseas mail, frequent overseas notification of withdrawal. This will not only cause serious losses for the enterprises that carry out international trade, but also will make the corporate reputation and image plummeted. Global mail delivery can make the mainland and overseas unimpeded, free from geographical restrictions, enhance the international competitiveness of enterprises.

High efficiency of mobile office
In this information rapid society, "efficient" has become a mantra of some executives, but for those who travel frequently, sending and receiving mail is a difficult problem. Now many service providers have to support the function of mobile phone mailbox, simply through the mobile phone browser login to their VIP mailbox, it can be as convenient as the use of computers as quickly as possible.

Shopping malls such as battlefield, details determine success or failure! It is important to use the Enterprise independent domain name as the suffix of employee's mailbox. Establish corporate brand image, improve the good reputation. All kinds of indications, along with the Enterprise Post Office propaganda and enterprise Information in-depth construction, the Enterprise Post Office will be the standard configuration of small and medium-sized enterprises, a bright future.
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