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&http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/37954.html ">nbsp; "Science and Technology" October 12 News, the Kingdom of Locke may be the most troubling, may be the hands of these elves how to match the skills to play their greatest role. Often the combination of skills is not ideal, resulting in powerful elves can not play its due power, the output quality greatly discounted.

Today's small series for everyone to tidy up by 4399 students to sum up some of the common elves, but also for those who worry about the students to play a little guidance, if 211.html "> feel not enough comprehensive students welcome to add."

"Ice System"

Ice-winged Demons: Ice Crystal Junction + icy Force + snow + freezing shock (see Skill sheet Please click: The ice Emperor/ice emperor of the Kingdom of Los)

Snow Shadow Doll: Ice full + crystal junction + freeze hit + White mist/snow

Snow Elf: Ice junction + Dong Bandonglai + snow + frozen Wind/hail

Elk: Earth Forgiveness + speed hit + Ice + Icy wind/freeze

Sika Deer: Hypnosis + food Dream + ice and snow + gravel/Wonderful Song

"Demon Department."

Demon Warrior: Ice + Demon Shield + Magic eye + Demon rule

Gas jingle: Devil's Wrath + Life Flame + plot + conspiracy/Ganga eye (view skill table please click: Locke Kingdom Lazy _ Jet Beast _ Gas Jingle skill table)

Sleeping spindle: Black hole + Demon Fury + conspiracy + troll eye

Crazy Magic Boots: Black hole + cloud + Demon Wrath + Wing Guardian/Ganga Eye

"Phantom Department."

Night troll: Control eye + light + enemy + shadow?/black eye

Soul Control: Hypnotic tail + defensive force + fate Hammer + Ghost mirror/Demon bite

Skeleton Mage: Soul Fire + The protection of the Wind + magic bite + resentment/phantom entanglement (view skill sheet Please click: The Kingdom of the Baroque Skull Skills table Flame skull/Skull Master skill sheet)

"Soil system"

Prosperity Quack: Quick move + flame Kick + strong physique + digging treasure

Holy basaltic: Earth forgiveness + ambush + Troll eye + comeback/three Thanh Hoá soil/Tide

Abdomen Mask rat: digging treasure surgery + Chesian + sand hell + ink/Earth Guard


Ling Ling: Flow + Grating cannon + shield operation + water wave/Break free (see Skill sheet Please click: Luo Kingdom Water Blue _ porpora _ Ling Ling skill meter)

Haiba: Dying counterattack + Magic Synergy + flow + Stream/Ultrasonic attack

Blame the Devil Fish: Defensive force + speed hit + death sound + frozen

Shaolin Quack: Quick move + flame Kick + strong physique + digging treasure

Dolphin Handsome: Memory Reflection + Flow operation + High-pressure jet + wave operation/tidal Wave

Butterfly Shark:: Supernatural force + Cross fangs + frozen + water flow/wave operation

Deep sea Overlord: Legend Power + Blister resistance + brisk + over shoulder/high pressure jet

Coloured glaze jellyfish: poison ling trap + fence + squeeze + water wave/poison thorn/Curl tightening

"Stone Department"

Luo: Chesian + comeback + troll eye/dark curse + fire blade/bite (View skill sheet Please click: Luo kingdom Amiat _ ami _ Luo skill table)

Fire Cloud God: Flame Cloud + gas extraction + Flame shield + Folding Wing fist/gem force

Petrochemical Thorn lizard:: Stone Soul blasting + gas extraction + strong impact + burrowing/mysterious force

"General Department"

Sleepy King: Elbow + Dying counterattack + irritation + hypnotic tail (see Skill sheet Please click: Locke Kingdom of white-haired lazy man _ Power Ape _ Sleepy King skill table)

Royal Griffin: Wind blows + triangular force + shield operation + folding wings to survive

Red hair Little Q: Rage thrash + Anesthesia suppression + Dong Bandonglai + spoiled

Abu: hypnotic tail + dragon dance + Mouth spit ice Lotus + Flame kick/Flames cloud

"Dragon Department"

Steam Dragon: Guardian Force + Dragon Dance + reverse scales + Long/water blow

Ancient Barong: Over-shoulder wrestling + legendary strength + Dragon Dive + Dragon Dance (see Skill table please click: Locke Kingdom seal Guard _ Seal Messenger _ Ancient Barong skill table)

"Fire Department"

Vulcan: Air cut + fire flare + Flame swirl + Flame eruption/thermal detonation (view skill sheet Please click: Luo kingdom Spark _ fireworks _ Vulcan Skill table)

Sonic Dog: Speed hit + bounce + bite + Flame eruption

Fire Dragon: Flame swirl + eyebrows + dark Curse + Flame eruption/fin Combo

Xiaoyao Quack: Quick move + flame Kick + strong physique + digging treasure

Beak Fox: Candy house + Lantern + Dark Curse + Thermal explosive/explosive Punch

Fire Plume: Wonderful song + meditation + flame burning and Dragon operation

Fire Cloud Steed: Flame eruption + Dragon operation + Dark Curse + Flame shield

"Poison Department"

Also snake fairy: throwing smelly eggs + strong physique + high-pressure jet + crab fist/Hotta (Dig treasure get) (see Skill table please click: Luo kingdom small Lotus _ snake wife _ also Snake Fairy Skill table)

"Electrical System"

Dracula: Arc + Magic + high-speed impact/convergence Power + energy-cutting (see the Skill sheet please click: Rock Kingdom Pull _ cool pull skill table)

Thunderbolt Ball: Suicide blasting + electromagnetic levitation + light barrier + self-explosion/magic reflex

Power Superman: Wonderful singing/electromagnetic wave + defensive reversal + 100,000 volts + fast moving/Lightning

"Worm System"

After the Hornets: Fortress + throwing rotten eggs + Dong Bandonglai + tail of the full/attack Thunder (View skill table please click: Locke Kingdom Wasp _ wasp Skill table)

"Grass System"

Magic Cat: Hypnotic powder + sober + seed bombs/calls + parasitic seeds (view skill sheet Please click: Luo kingdom Meow Meow _ Magic cat skill meter)

Glen Ball: Hypnotic powder + sober + cotton twining + parasitic seeds

Smoke Spirit: Flower Hypnosis + meditation + Spiritual Sword + sober

Ethereal beast: Hypnotic powder + sober + seed bomb/cry + parasitic Seed

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