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Qingming Long holiday travel experience is still vividly remembered: highway congestion, mobile phone consumption exhaustion, usually sufficient traffic because the Internet to kill time and quickly depleted ... In the face of the upcoming 51 short vacation, do your homework in advance, you can greatly reduce the cost of the journey. 51 Long vacation soon, today for you to recommend a few to the province famous app, beer and skittles, a lot. Save time: High-German car life there are three main functions of the life: travel ask, driving analysis and car life. Among them, travel asks can calculate arrive time, let the vehicle owner have a preliminary judgment to the road condition. After setting the destination, the system calculates the approximate arrival time based on many factors, such as the real-time road condition, the road historical data, and the number of traffic lights in the route. If you think the road is in bad condition, you can choose the wrong peak to travel. Province Power: 100TV100TV is a mobile video aggregation application. Support local video, music playback, a mass of high-definition online video viewing, without transcoding direct viewing. At the same time, the convergence of the domestic mainstream video site video resources, so that you save the various video app switch between the trouble. It is worth mentioning that the 100TV original power-saving accelerated mode significantly reduce the mobile phone in the video when the CPU occupancy rate, so that the mobile phone to watch the film, saving up to more than 50%. Easy to watch two or three movies on the road, no longer because the phone is not electricity and missed the wonderful plot. Save money: Kahuikahui is a free application for credit card offers. Access to a number of bank credit card concessions at any time and preferential activities, covering food, entertainment, shopping and tourism and other aspects. With simple settings, you can customize your own special offers, with card assistants to help you quickly check your credit card bills, available credits, available points ... Kahui on the preferential Information All through manual audit, the accuracy rate is much higher than the bank's official website. Province flow: Ma Tau flow is a very hot application on the App Store, has now boarded the GooglePlay. Ma tou flow using cloud acceleration technology, optimize the mobile phone network path, improve the speed of the Internet, experience more fluent. Flow compression ratio of up to 85%, the average monthly savings of about 50% of the flow.
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