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Social networking sites are still the hottest word before the next dotcom bubble. And before the user's passion has completely declined, it is urgent for companies to find profitable forms of sustainable development.

Even if Facebook is valued at $85 billion trillion, SNS sites in the country still face a dilemma.

SNS website Camp actually once tide surging. First of all the Internet listing, after a social game has been the start of the net in the gradual withdrawal of the game of excessive dependence, expand new forms of profitability, and recently, "China Operations newspaper," The exclusive reporter learned that the great man Shi Yuzhu investment social networking site 51.com (after the abbreviation 51) is brewing since the establishment of the most tripod strength of the revision.

It is understood that this 51 revision, will be coiled "game community, community game" strategy, to the direction of the game platform further exerting force. And this thought, as early as the 2008 Shi Yuzhu through great strategic investment 51 o'clock has been delineated. At some level, "the next 51 will be more like the Japanese social game maker Dena." According to insiders.

Game Choice

The choice of game business may become the watershed of domestic SNS website. To steal vegetables, rob parking space to start a net is trying to quit "game dependence", 51 resolution in the game and the separation of the community go farther.

"From the Shi Yuzhu into the capital 51 beginning, we have begun planning." "51 President Hu Chongming said in an interview with reporters, the reason was not High-profile announced 51 in the game of the pause, but also from the market is not mature. and the beginning of 2011, 51 in the game will gradually appear.

This pan 51 bright start Force game's card actually with that year great man network inject quite yuanyuan. 2008, The great Man Network 51 million U.S. dollars to inject 51, to 25% of the shares to become the largest shareholder. Shi Yuzhu in the communication with investors, predicted that online gaming community and network community gaming will be an important trend of industry development. According to its analysis, online number of more than 400,000 and good performance of the game, the player has not only to play games, the more important reason is that they constitute the network community.

"The so-called game community, the concept of community gaming, the first is the Shi Yuzhu proposed." According to Hu Chongming revealed, the great man after the network injection, 51 immediately set up the game division, beginning to enter the game category, explore the form of "social games." Not only that, this kind of inquiry practice is also practiced within the network of great men. From "Journey", "great man" beginning, great people network has begun to emphasize the establishment of the community, such as the emphasis on different levels of players with the Legion game play, the introduction of male and female players collaborate to complete the task, are in creating community environment. In addition, this year's great man launched the central game "Journey 2" also participated in the social game elements.

Although has long been accused of excessive reliance on the game, but the game income is clearly a person, Tencent and other internet companies to absorb gold sharp weapon. According to the data released by the prospectus, everyone's current revenue comes from line advertising and internet value-added services. Online games and group buying business are listed on the Internet value-added services. Take 2010 years as an example, everyone's annual revenue of 76.535 million U.S. dollars, network advertisers number 248, revenue accounted for 42%, while the Internet value-added services accounted for 58%, of which network games accounted for 45%.

"Foreign social networking sites can make a huge profit from advertising alone, but domestic social networking sites are constantly struggling to break revenue," he said. Chinese Internet companies, in addition to E-commerce is the game, so the community and game separation, is in China's Internet environment homeopathy. Hu Chongming said in an interview with reporters.

"Community games" saturated with each other

In 51 this time understand put forward "game community, community game" strategy before, SNS website fission already revealed clue. According to Isuppli Internet analyst Liu Yan analysis, the beginning of 2009, the domestic SNS site has been divided into two major factions: a class of Renren, happy Network for the representative, imitation version of Facebook, do professional SNS site; another category, is the portal site, telecom carrier website, E-commerce website and other based on my usual platform characteristics derived from the SNS application. For example, 51 trends in the direction of online game is typical representative.

"In practice, 51 and happy, everyone once is not the same category of community", 51 Division general Manager Wang Jinqiang under the Reporter interview analysis, and everyone, happy more emphasis on curing the interpersonal relationship is different, 51 emphasis is more people's pan-dating community, that is, strangers between friends.

According to 51 of the data provided, as at the end of December 2010, 51 registered users have reached 220 million, the number of independent users of the month beyond 40 million, page traffic more than 440 million times daily. According to Wang Jinqiang analysis, this is also the 51 proposed "gaming community, community gaming" of the basic advantages of the application of 51 in the community operation of the accumulation of 6 years of experience to complete the game and the community saturated with each other.

"For example, the game of community, is a lot of online companies want to do things, the user will precipitate into my community." 51 is based on the community, for users to stop segmentation, will like to play games, users of light games to the community. "The other side, the community gaming, is 51 has been constantly doing, so that users in the community to play games, find entertainment, the game some of the essence of things into the community, such as points, experience values, such as the physical transmission of the game, the community in the crowd of interaction and behavior game.

At some level, Wang Jinqiang that the 51 development direction is closer to the Dena of Japanese social game makers. According to Dena's earlier financial data, its average revenue per user is 30 times times that of Facebook, and 15 times times that of Zynga. Dena, which was limited to mobile mobage social gaming, has now expanded to provide gaming on multiple platforms such as PCs and mobile phones.

According to Hu Chongming revealed that 51 is increasing in the game of independent research and development efforts, the future will launch independent gaming platform. In the industry's view, 51 of this determined the force of the game strategy, although a short period of time is difficult to see significant results. But in the former Tencent instant messaging after a micro-bo impact of the situation, Shi Yuzhu shares of the 51 application of their own advantages, to the subdivision of the segment of the market force, and the role of the great man playing games layered linkage, is a way to break through.

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Just listed in the company (Nyse:renn) recently launched a definition of a professional car FAQ website "Car Ask the network" to the real-name social networking site to dabble in the Web site question and answer business. Renren uses its own real-name social networking platform to promote the advantages of network development, the number of users continued to grow.

The original version of the question and answer website was originally from the United States Quora in 2008, after inviting celebrities, intelligent people to discuss the topic of high quality. Quora last year's financing exceeded 11 million yuan, the product is not on line valuation of 80 million U.S. dollars.

Chinese version of the earliest Quora for "zhihu.com", positioning for the "real network question and answer community", is currently in the stage of inviting the beta. The vast also in the beta-similar site "Rice". May 18, there are audio Baidu intends to launch a question and answer website "Baidu new Knowledge", according to the domain name query information, xinzhi.com belong to Baidu Company. The question and Answer class website is becoming this year SNS's one big hot spot and the new application. The earliest "Baidu know" is unfamiliar with the question and answer, and this year's question and answer website presents real-name trends, and SNS business separation more and more closely.

Everyone company when the concept of complex, everyone net sticky rice net everyone game, the form includes "social group Purchase Game", in the Chen of Renren, the business is interrelated and interactive, "all the business is based on Renren, glutinous Rice Network Group to carry out very well, but 60% of users from Renren." Game open platform All users come from Renren. "After the listing, Renren will accelerate the use of users to other Internet applications, and in April the official launch of the network has also made rapid growth."

"We are constantly trying to provide a more professional car service for Renren users," he said. "Car asked the network general manager of the" China Operations newspaper reporter, the United States Quora founder is the technology director of Facebook, this site can not register to log in, only to use the Facebook and Twitter account login, near and the company's business relationship, the car asked is to want to This business is vertical and interacts with renren platforms.

Kai Peng Hua Ying, vice president of the venture capital Ma Zheng on the question-and-answer site is quite optimistic, to Quora as an example, it handled the search can not deal with, as long as people can deal with the problem, this is a fundamental innovation. In addition, its social nature is not the original Facebook or the original Google can have.

"If just an independent car question and answer website to carry out the space is not big, but the car asks the net is everybody company whole SNS plan part, with other SNS business will constitute the interactive effect." "An industry insider evaluates. No matter how, from the site planning and profitability perspective, the question and answer class business is indeed quite feasible, one is the question and answer class business will bring huge flow, the second is this platform can become a marketing platform, to the enterprise sales advertising. In particular, after the listing of Renren's profit will have a pull role, and the car is the current advertising industry's major customers.

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