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Beijing New Entertainment Brother Network Technology Co., Ltd. President Liu. Data show that last year, operating income of billion, an annual growth of about 300% data show that 2007-2011 5 years, domestic web game users to pay the scale from 140 million to 4.81 billion yuan. The rise of 51wan, is to seize the web game from the "Blue Sea" into the "Red Sea" opportunities. At present, the 51wan platform has more than 70 million users, operating income over billion. And Beijing New Entertainment Brother Network Technology Co., Ltd. President Liu had more than 10 "brothers" to join the Web game, the start-up funds only 200,000 yuan. The capital difficulty of the registered capital of 100,000 yuan is the first problem in the beginning of new entertainment. An inadvertent discovery ignited Liu's inspiration. "I saw a friend around me who was fascinated by a web game," he said. Liu went to see the game after a great surprise: then a "rough picture, production cycle of not more than 1 months" of the web game, the monthly pay treasure on the water actually reached more than 1 million. Liu spent one months investigating the national market of the Web game and found that the domestic web game market was basically blank. According to the information data, 2007, the national web game users pay a scale of 140 million yuan. "It's definitely a blue sea. Liu decided to take the web game as an entrepreneurial field. August 2007, Liu resigned as vice president of game company Sheng, established Beijing New Entertainment Brother Network Technology Co., Ltd., the main business is the web game operating platform. According to Liu, registered capital of 100,000 Yuan New entertainment, started in the days of the court rented a more than 40 square meters of two bedrooms, "Cook" is a founding member of the parents. According to Liu recalls, when talking to the first client about the contract of "Empire Rise", the other side asked three questions, "where office, registered capital, how many users." "Residential Office, 100,000 yuan registered capital, 0 users," the status quo, so that Liu "embarrassed to answer." "With each passing day" attract VCs "if 51wan short time to do not profit, then our business game over." "New Entertainment's web game operating platform 51wan, in October 2007." According to statistics, 51wan by virtue of the online agent and a number of intermodal web games, the first day attracted more than 20,000 active users. This makes the 51wan online on the first day to make more than 10,000 dollars. In Liu's view, this can also reflect a feature of the web game, that "the user's choice is random and fast, once the choice is easy to generate pay." 2008, 51wan won the Sequoia Capital a sum of 2.5 million dollars of VC, all of a sudden eased the company's financial difficulties. When the venture began to engage, Liu once feared that "the team has neither the entrepreneurial experience nor the much historical data available to VCs." "After a couple of weeks of wind-pitching," the team and the platform are changing every day, and they're taking out the money. Liu is nearly harsh on the quality of the game. She'll spend a lot of time in the game looking forVulnerability。 Once, Liu two o'clock in the morning in the QQ group suddenly shouted, "The game is a word wrong." In this way, 51wan development of several original games harvested a good reputation and benefits. For example, "Ming Fu Sheng" in the Tencent open platform on the line one months, brought 300,000 new users; "Wulin 3" monthly income also more than tens of millions. Planning to enter the capital market in the internet giants are scrambling to eat the background of web games, Liu said "not listed on the face of elimination." 2011, 51wan operating income of more than 100 million yuan, since its inception, the average annual growth rate of about 300%. In June 2011, when 51wan got a second round of VCs, Liu publicly said the company's revenue growth reached 500% in the first half of 2011. "To some extent, 51wan has benefited from the rapid expansion of the entire web gaming industry," he said. "Liu said. Data show that last year, the domestic web game market users pay a scale of 4.81 billion yuan, an increase of 44.9%. In recent years, Baidu, Taobao, Tencent and other internet giants have grabbed food web games. Recently, Jingdong Mall official said that the Beijing-east will be online in the near future of the joint operating platform of web games. "The Web game industry has become the ' Red Sea ' from the ' Blue Sea '. Liu estimates, the current industry competition is like a wave of sand, "on the hundreds game on the line, survive but 10 balance." To cope with the competition, 51wan began to implement the "billion win for all" plan since 2010. This is Liu to "trigger gastrointestinal effect," the core of the plan, "small and medium-sized site to assist 51wan promotion game, 51wan and its divided into". It is reported that more than 5,000 small and medium-sized websites joined the program. "Not listed on the face of being eliminated." "In the next few years, she will push 51wan into the capital market," Liu said. In addition, Liu also said that the development of 51wan inseparable from the strong support of the relevant departments of Beijing. "Daming" in the project before the establishment, was officially identified as the 2012 Beijing Publishing Project (network Class) project, authorized the use of "Beijing Publishing project marking" qualification. At the same time, 51wan also won the Beijing Cultural and creative industry development of special funds to support. In the "Chichong project" meeting held in Zhongguancun demonstration area, Liu Defendant's government will fully support its bigger and stronger.
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