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1. Shanda Game executive Yu turnover news Heat Analysis January 23 Noon, Shanda Games Limited announced, because plans to own a business, Yu has resigned the company chief executive Officer and the director position. 25th, the unexpected news event, the heat reached the highest, the relevant news report 185.  Subsequently, the news incident became less and less hot. 2. NetEase Dahua West Tour two backbone members resignation news heat analysis March 31 news, NetEase Company "Dahua West Travel 2" team group turnover, NetEase Senior Pro to Guangzhou to negotiate. On that day the news incident was of high concern, related news 48. The news was confirmed on April 6, with 38 articles on the same day.  Subsequently, the news incident became less and less hot. 3. Xiaowei turnover was heated by the news of the hot analysis March 19, the Nineth City announced: For personal development reasons, President Xiaowei on May 16, 2010 after the expiration of the term, no longer renewed. Mr. Zhu, Chairman and chief executive officer of the Kowloon City, will take over his affairs on the same day. March 22 The news incident was a high concern, related news 217.  Subsequently, the news incident became less and less hot.  Analysis of the game personnel jump just across the 2010, the media have exposed a lot of game enterprise personnel job-hopping, including executives and research and development team collective turnover. The number of online job postings in the internet gaming industry was around 120,000 in February 2010, up 50% from 80,000 in the same period in 2009, with an industry growth of 20% as a reference, which is the increase in the recruitment needs of 20% of the company's natural-growth rate, plus 30%  It is likely that the mobility of personnel brings about the recruitment needs.  Compared with finance, real estate, FMCG, energy, manufacturing and other large industries, 30% of the flow rate is somewhat high, but given the network gaming industry integrated IT industry and entertainment industry characteristics and the two industry mobility, 30% of liquidity is reasonable. From the online position of the Zhaopin network game industry, the game Software development design program class accounted for 57%, art design planning, such as network games 3D animators and 3D network game plot planning and other positions accounted for 20%; Mobile network game marketing specialist and other market sales personnel accounted for 15% , game operations managers and other management positions accounted for 5%, others such as administrative finance accounted for less than 3%.  Visible, this industry is the most lack of online gaming technology and creative planning and other implementation personnel. At present, Zhaopin registered resume of the network game industry talent has 600,000, compared with 2009 the same period increased by 30%.  Job-seekers in the industry, marketing and administration and other non-industry experience requires a lot of professional job seekers, while the technology and design creative staff ratio is small, close to 50%, and the company's recruitment needs some dislocation. This shows that the online game industry recruitment is not easy, from the Zhaopin supply and demand data, contradictions are not in the total supply and demand, but in certain functional direction. In particular, technology, planning, art and senior management staff. From the popularity of the network history, China's online gaming industry is more than 10 history, and the main growth in recent years. 2008 market size reached 20.78 billion, an increase of 52.2%.  2009 Online games Market size reached 25.8 billion yuan, an increase of 39.5%. During the financial crisis, China's online gaming industry still has good performance.  This is also evident from the box-office receipts of the film because of the strength of people's stress-relieving spending on entertainment and relaxation. As a result of network games compared to other areas of the Internet, the entry threshold is lower, and the high return on profits, so more and more Internet companies will be the network game as the first choice for a diversified economy, has a number of internet companies in the online market to taste the sweetness. Even online recruiting sites have the idea of developing workplace games.  But the supply of talent cannot keep pace with the growth of the enterprise. In order to solve the dilemma of the shortage of talent, the young game enterprises to strengthen the employer brand of internal strength, for the development of the network game of this particular young group characteristics, create incentives to encourage creativity, relaxed and happy corporate culture, reduce the flow of personnel, retaining the backbone of staff. On the other hand, in the higher vocational education and personnel training, strengthen supply, ease the contradiction between supply and demand for the industry to provide a long-term healthy growth protection.
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