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Android mobile game handle Tutorial (i) as a mobile gaming enthusiast, since the mobile phone into the era of pure touch, small knitting has been entangled in a problem: due to the lack of physical keys to the key feedback, many action-type games play a relatively poor sense of control, especially when fighting fierce, because the palms sweating, There is also often a false touch or an instant failure of the button. Many of the games designed for touch screens are also so, not to mention a variety of simulator games that require a higher degree of operational sophistication. Thankfully, with the advent of the mobile phone OTG technology, on the phone can finally external USB game handle, the following is the connection handle the specific setting method. If only through OTG connection USB game handle, mobile phone can also directly recognize the operation of a part of the handle, but some key functions will be more confusing, plus the different game itself design different, so almost can not directly use the handle to play. There are problems naturally there will be solutions to this, we use a set of USB/BT joystick application can solve the problem. The application interface USB/BT joystick contains two installation packages, USB/BT Joycenter and USB/BT Joy2touch respectively. After installation, first open USB/BT Joycenter, the USB handle is connected to the mobile phone by OTG wiring, click on the search device on the left, and the prompt in the pop-up box to determine (note Do not check the default for the USB device checkbox), then the application will identify the game handle connected to the phone. Connect the phone through OTG do not check the checkbox
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