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Look cool every day, the day fresh It information all hold live, mobile internet play cool playing fashion in broad bean! Welcome to subscribe to broad bean network. [Product Information] Super Fire brigade continued to "Super Fire Brigade 2" released "Sprinkle (Super fire brigade)" is a 3D puzzle type of casual games. In this game, players need to play a role similar to firefighters, your task is to put out all kinds of fire. The game was rated as the best game of the week by App Store, today, "Super fire brigade" continued as "Super Fire Brigade 2 Sprinkle Cayman" Officially shelves the App Store, currently divided into two editions, free version and toll version! [Product Information] music rhythm fighting Game "Toit's Growth Road" released "Toit's Road of growth (Way of the Dogg)" is a music rhythm and combat combined game, to rap superstar Snoopy Dogg as a prototype, test the player's reaction speed. "Toit's Path of growth" combines music and fighting, giving players another kind of combat experience, not to make big strokes and crazy rubbing buttons, follow the hip-hop rhythm to timely click on the screen marked area can use all kinds of cool moves. Shortly after the release of the iOS version, the Android version followed. Toit's growth path (Way of the Dogg) is a combination of music rhythm and combat, to rap superstar Snoopy Dogg as a prototype, test the player's reaction speed. "Toit's Path of growth" combines music and fighting, giving players another kind of combat experience, not to make big strokes and crazy rubbing buttons, follow the hip-hop rhythm to timely click on the screen marked area can use all kinds of cool moves. Shortly after the release of the iOS version, the Android version followed. [Product information] Angry Birds Star War edition free of charge today PopCap's classic "Plant vs Zombies" sequel to the "Plant vs. Zombies 2 Plants vs. Zombies?" 2 "Finally free to the app Store." But games are on the shelves in New Zealand or Australia, and other areas may be a few days late, and eager friends can go to New Zealand or Australia to download the area! Now small to teach friends on the device how to use their existing Apple ID account to go to New Zealand or Australia to download! Step quite simply ~[product information] pixel style adventure game "Butterfly Effect" released "Butterfly Effect" (The Story of Choice) is a pixel retro-style adventure game. The player's choice in the game will determine the direction of the next game plot, which is said to have been made in less than two days. The butterfly effect has a very complex story line, but you don't have to know him, you just have to make a choice at every step, and every decision you take, like getting up or napping, will affect the story'sIn the end, you need to avoid wars in two countries, let the King make the right choice, and even marry the princess. [Product Information] Classic arcade game "Crazy Taxi" transplant Android "Crazy Taxi (Crazy Taxi)" is a once in the arcade and host platform popular racing game, after porting to the iOS platform for quite a long time, finally officially landed on the Android platform. "Crazy Taxi" players will be driving a yellow taxi, in the modern city shuttle. Your mission is to send guests to the designated location in the city, and of course, there is a time limit. The more adventurous you are, the more you will score, but don't crash. [Product Information] "Plants vs Zombies 2" in the acquisition of Crack unlimited gold in the course of the game most people who play the most familiar game should be "Plant vs zombies" it? Even small make up dad kind of never touch the game's representative has also played through "Plants vs Zombies"! So "Plant vs Zombies 2" How to use this introduction small series can erase, through yesterday's demo, small series This article mainly to introduce "Plant vs Zombies 2" inside the purchase of crack unlimited gold coins tutorial. [Product Information] "The Legend of Zenonia" series of the full range of the "Zenit: Zenonia" is Gamevil's popular action RPG game Zenonia series games. Today, "The Legend of the Gamevil" 3-generation series of works are free of charge, in addition to 3 of the company's home game is also exempt from the time ~ Gamevil's ARPG game is a No.1 on the iOS platform, a hyper-smooth fighting system, gorgeous skill animation, a rich outfit appearance, plus a very small capacity, and few other vendors can go beyond the ARPG game. Players who love action RPG games should never be missed! [Product Information] "Plant vs. Zombies 2" Introduction of new plant characteristics the long-awaited "Plant vs. Zombie 2" was finally released, although it is the first edition, but small series believe that there are many players have already played it, this time, "Plant vs Zombie 2" New content is quite rich, The following small series describes the new plant and plant attack methods to do a simple introduction, easy to use ~[not recommended app] not recommended Android applications: "Small Qian Run" according to the Broad Bean network joint "Safety Butler" by professional test results show that this test "small Qian Run" background permanent malicious service, to the notification bar and the form of a dialog box anonymously push promotional information, can not be canceled, click that download, resulting in a large number of user traffic consumption coexist in security risks. [iOS Introduction] The best limit to app-free evaluation: Angry Birds Star War version of the N series of Angry Birds are exempt from, but this star War version of the delay, now good ~ "Angry Birds Star War version" finally limited time free! A friend of the Rage Bird series can download the 80+ of the Angry Birds Star Wars edition with a total of two basic maps, each of which has 40Levels waiting for players to challenge a full star clearance. It also includes an inside purchase map waiting for the player to find out, but requires additional money to buy. [Android Test] violent bloody continue "Fred Ski" demo "Fred Fast" and "Fred Run" is very familiar with the two game, the game of violence game over the way to the players left a deep impression. Now, the Fred series has ushered in the third piece, "Fred Ski" (skiing Fred), which has changed to a new play and setting, and, as it turns out, masochism continues. At the beginning of the game, the familiar Fred still can not change his fall from the height of the fate, but this time behind him a more closely followed the death. [iOS evaluation] no longer monotonous listening to the new edition of "Dom" for a small series of 40 minutes a day in the subway, music is the best 40 minutes of the adjustment, these 40 minutes can let me close my eyes, completely into the world of the singer, let me through the lyrics to daydream, or follow the dynamic music to shake, to eliminate the day's troubles. With the rapid development of mobile Internet, the traditional way to listen to local music has gradually been abandoned, we began to seek a wide range of listening methods, and in all of these auxiliary music software, the most favorite use is the following evaluation of this section-multi-meter music. [iOS top recommendation] This week is one of the most exciting days to look forward to for this week's iOS boutique new tour, because there are a lot of great hits on the iOS platform and mostly free! The most worthwhile thing to start with this week is the "Plant vs. Zombies 2", a classic and playful but highly challenging one. In addition, Deus ex:the Icarus multiplying "Deus: Icarus Effect" and "Super Fire Brigade 2 Sprinkle Cayman", adapted by the same series of novels, are very good! [iphone Limited time free] July 11 iphone limited free app recommended free of charge is an activity of the App Store Apple Store, which will be available for free to everyone with an itunes account, for a certain period. What are some of the most fun games and software that you can avoid today? Broad Bean net small weave will share with you ~[ipad limited time free] July 11 ipad free app recommended Leisure action game "lifeguard" fun hit game "Rage home run 2" strategy vs Game "Zombie War HD" Entertainment Software "horror Story 2" music software "simulation Sound"
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